Up to 65%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL10000

UPoker Rakeback Deal

Players who want to register at UPoker via ItalyPokerDeals will receive a private UPoker rakeback deal, depending on the clubs they select and the corresponding rakeback. Thus, the rakeback might fluctuate a lot. There is no default rakeback, since it depends on the conditions agreed with the club host, but as a rule of thumb let’s say it might go up to 35%. Having said this, we advise you to check with us first.

While grinders might be incentivized by a solid UPoker rakeback deal, the main benefit of working with us is to get safe access to a soft Asian poker app, where you can increase your win rate. These clubs are also part of larger unions, where you play against amateurs from Malaysia, Vietnam, India.

What you need to know is that these poker apps resemble traditional poker skins, which can be part of larger networks, sharing the same player pool and the same software. The difference is that here you need to register in a club and once approved, you need to arrange payments with an agent. Thus, it is very important to choose wisely because not all of them are trusted. Only by signing up through ItalyPokerDeals you avoid the risk of losing money due to any issues that might arise.

UPoker Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

As opposed to traditional operators, UPoker does not have a direct cashier and therefore you are not able to deposit yourself by using the client. You need to contact an agent like IPD and ask for the list of available clubs. Then you will be informed about the available payment methods, the rakeback percentage and date of payment, as well as the currency of the club and exchange rate for the chips.

After agreeing on the conditions, you make the payment using the available methods such as Skrill or Neteller eWallets or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT. It is worth mentioning that deposits are processed within a few hours up to 24 hours. Once the transaction is confirmed, the agent will manually load your account with the corresponding chips equivalent, as previously agreed.

Withdrawals are a little bit slower since they usually only take place once per week, during the settlement, when all chips are removed from your account and the cashout request needs to be completed 24 hours prior to the settlement. Each cashout request must contain your full name, amount and payment method. By working with IPD, you will be guaranteed fairness and reliability.

According to our UPoker review, there is a difference between the currency used when making the transactions, like for instance USD deposited into Skrill, and the currencies used when making the settlement. As previously mentioned, all financial settlements in UPoker are made via agents. The exchange rate for the chips is pegged to different currencies, like for example Thai Baht, Philippine Peso, Indian Rupee, Brazilian Real etc depending on the geolocation of the club host and player pool.

UPoker Traffic and Games Overview

Being an Asian Poker app similar to PPPoker or PokerBros, most of the traffic at UPoker comes from casual players who want to have some fun by playing on their mobile devices. There are thousands of players online in UPoker clubs from all over the place, given that there are no country restrictions to join this social gaming platform, which acts as a gateway for real money games.

Since clubs are basically configured based on geographies, peak traffic for each specific club might occur at different times of the day. However, most action takes place during Southeast Asian evenings. You can find plenty of No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games at all stakes, starting from NL/PLO10 up to NL/PLO5K. Open Face Chinese Poker is also offered with jackpots up to $6, whereas tournaments are also hosted with GTD prizes of thousands of dollars.

The main difference between the Upoker app and mainstream poker rooms is the game's softness. It is hard to find such weak players elsewhere, except for maybe other Asian poker apps with similar traffic. The reason is that the player pool is not flooded by regulars, but rather by amateur players.

Based on our UPoker review, recreational users feel that it’s more convenient to play from mobile, whereas grinders prefer licensed websites where they can easily multi-table. While you avoid the hassle of identity verification, the big advantage comes from where gambling is officially banned. Therefore, players from all over the place can get back to the tables with no strings attached, without needing to use the VPN to hide their actual location. This means more energy to focus on your game.

UPoker Rake Structure

According to our UPoker review, the rake calculation method used by the Asian poker app is weighted contributed, which is similar to most other sites. The rake percentage might also fluctuate depending on the club details, but usually is between 3% and 5%, with a rake cap of up to 3BBs. We advise you to get in touch with our ItalyPokerDeals support if you need additional information.

As mentioned above, the rakeback is fixed, regardless of how much rake you generate and is paid weekly, into your poker account or via Skrill. You can get from us the full details for each UPoker club.

UPoker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

UPoker was originally built as a play money platform which doesn’t hold a gambling license, but then developed as a de facto real money app, where all financial transactions between clubs and players are performed by agents based on mutual trust. While some might be reluctant regarding the fairness of the games, the RNG has been tested by Gaming Labs and BMM Testlabs and is 100% legit.

The UPoker software has been created for mobile play and can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices, having a vertical design of the tables. Besides this, it is also available for download for PC, where you can play up to 4 tables simultaneously, which is not bad at all for multitabling. As compared with other Asian poker apps, the desktop version of the software runs smoothly and has been developed by Calian Tech Marketing PLT, being regularly updated to be more convenient.

Also, the Windows version of the software does not overload your PC resources. However, UPoker banned the use of Android emulators, but you can still use the HUD at the tables to display real-time statistics using Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, or Hand2Note by purchasing a hand converter.

As previously mentioned, you can access your account from any location, since you are officially joining a social gaming platform and all the financial transactions are performed in the backend. Even though you might be a resident of a country where online poker is prohibited, you can still join UPoker without being required to install a VPN to hide your actual location and focus on your game instead.

UPoker Bonuses

Since UPoker uses virtual chips for cash games, there are no deposit bonuses like regular poker rooms offer for their new players. This might seem unrewarding, but the great winnings actually come from the poker tables, where you can play against Asian amateurs in one of the softest fields available online. On top of that, you also receive exclusive UPoker rakeback deals offered by IPD.

UPoker Promotions

When it comes to UPoker Promotions, you may find the available ones in the main lobby, where you can earn prizes in gold coins and sometimes gadgets like iPhones or PS5, as well as take part in large MTT events such as the U Series of Poker, which has more than 2 million $ in GTD prizes.

Besides this, you can also earn additional prizes using the progressive bad beat jackpots which are offered by most UPoker clubs, where you can earn thousands of dollars if you hit the jackpot and lose with a top hand by simply playing your preferred cash games, based on our UPoker review.

UPoker Review

UPoker is a mobile Asian poker app similar to PPPoker which was originally launched in 2018. While it operates officially as a social gaming platform where no real money is involved, the real money games actually occur in the closed private clubs, where the host agrees with the agent the rules of the game and the exchange rate applied for redeeming chips into cash. UPoker clubs may also be part of unions, such as the largest ones which are based in Malaysia, Vietnam or India.

These unions resemble the idea of poker networks, having several clubs or skins sharing the same player pool. Depending on the location of the clubs, the value of the chips is usually related to the local currency, like for instance Philippine Peso, Indian Rupee, Brazilian Real, Thai Baht etc.

Unlike other Asian poker apps, based on our UPoker review, the software is pretty decent and can also be downloaded for the desktop version, allowing you to play up to 4 tables simultaneously. Since most of the opponents are amateurs, their skill doesn’t match an online regular and your actual win rate can increase a lot. Perhaps the most exciting thing about UPoker is that it allows you to play against Asian amateurs and exploit one of the softest fields in online poker.

Although there is only one app, the field is different depending on the club you join, each club being independent and run by a host who allows you to play through an agent. All transactions are made via a third party, so there are not only sunshines and rainbows. The big disadvantage is the lack of direct cashier, together with the unusual interface, where all tables are displayed vertically. Also, you cannot use the HUD directly, needing to buy a hand converter to be able to display real-time stats.


To sum up, UPoker is a very good alternative for those already familiar with Asian poker apps who would like to exploit weaker opponents to maximize their win rate and who prefer soft reservations as compared to traditional poker rooms. On top of that, by signing through ItalyPokerDeals, you also avoid the risk of permanent capital loss by working through a reliable agent who also provides you the best UPoker clubs available, with the juiciest action and also exclusive UPoker rakeback deals.

UPoker is perfectly designed for those willing to walk the extra mile in the pursuit of better playing fields, who are comfortable with adding some extra complexity with technical setup and software customization and are able to adapt in a competitive online poker environment. Besides the high volume rake players who are rewarded with great action all over the place at all stakes, this is also an excellent choice for those living in segregated markets where there are restrictive gambling laws.

Since UPoker does not hold a gambling license and does not officially operate as a poker room, you may alleviate the third party risks with the benefits of playing from everywhere, regardless of living in a gray area and without needing to install a VPN. For those players, it would definitely be worth the hassle, given that the rake is also pretty decent with low rake caps and the field is extremely soft.

Last but not least, perhaps UPoker is not a smart choice for beginners or for those who are not familiar with Asian apps and how they work, who prefer the best available software for multi-tabling, licensed website, and extremely fast cashouts, as well as for micro stakes players who have plenty of good games and traffic elsewhere. Having said this, we recommend UPoker to all those who are prepared to walk the extra mile but it definitely isn’t the best option for all players out there.