Up to 65%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL10000

Suprema Poker Rakeback Deal

New players who register an account with ItalyPokerDeals will get the following Suprema Poker rakeback deal: - Safe Access to a new Latin American poker app with soft field - Up to 50% flat rakeback paid weekly in Suprema Poker clubs Given that these apps are created as social gaming platforms to serve recreational players who want to have fun by playing from their mobile devices, all financial transactions are performed in the backend through an intermediary called agent who takes care of the settlement every week. In this respect, the corresponding value of the chips is pegged to different currencies, depending on the geolocation of the club host. In the case of Suprema Poker, you play against weak Brazilian players and therefore the currency is Brazilian Real (BRL). These clubs may be organized in alliances. These alliances or unions act as networks which share the same player pool with smaller skins or the so called clubs. To be able to register and join a specific club, you need to get in touch with us. After you choose your preferred club, you may afterwards deposit the initial amount to start playing. Unfortunately there is no classical VIP system to reward players based on loyalty and how much they play. However, if you register your account through ItalyPokerDeals, not only will you avoid the risk of being scammed and have the chance of using a reputable agent who only offers trusted clubs, but you can also maximize your Suprema Poker rakeback by having access to the best available IPD deals.

Suprema Poker Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

For those who are familiar with licensed websites and traditional gambling operators, we should mention that there is no direct cashier when it comes to poker apps, according to our Suprema Poker review. In this case all financial transactions are made using an intermediary, who acts as a liaison betwen players and the club host. Therefore we should outline the importance of mutual trust. While there is a reputational risk for any agent who handles such activities, we cannot eliminate the risk of players being scammed if they work with untrusted intermediaries who only care about money. Therefore, the ItalyPokerDeals team is here to alleviate that risk by offering you the best services. Having said this, you are probably asking how you can make a deposit to start playing at Suprema Poker. We offer several payment methods, such as for instance Skrill and Neteller eWallets (both in USD and EUR), as well as popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT. It is worth mentioning that the currency you use for making the initial transaction (let’s say USD or EUR) is different from the currency used for the exchange rate of the chips when making the settlement (in this case BRL). Usually deposits are processed pretty fast, within a few hours, the agent manually crediting your account with the corresponding chips, based on the rules imposed by the specific club. Withdrawals on the other side are only performed once per week, during the settlement, when all chips are removed from the tables for a few hours. To make the withdrawal in due time, you need to inform us about the cashout request with at least 24 hours in advance, prior to the settlement date. You should also take into account that given the volatility of these currencies, when dealing with poker apps you also handle the currency risk if the currencies devalue one to another. However, this can also run into your favor so in the long term it should matter less than your actual performance.

Suprema Poker Traffic and Games Overview

Being a recently launched app, the traffic at Suprema Poker is rapidly increasing across the big Brazilian clubs and large Latin American alliances. The game formats and stakes might fluctuate from one club to another but the offering is pretty wide. You may choose from No Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha cash games, which are available starting from NL/PLO4 up to NL/PLO1.8K in BRL. NLHE cash games are played in 6-max, 8-max and HU format, whereas PLO tables are available in both 6-max and HU format. Short deck variants are also offered, from $0.02 ante up to $1. Open Face Chinese poker is hosted with buy-ins ranging from $0.04 up to $10. MTTs have starting buy-ins up to $250 and GTD prizes up to $50,000. While there are also some SNGs, the overall traffic is poor. Suprema Poker is a very interesting place for Holdem and Omaha Heads Up players, who can find plenty of traffic and good action. The peak traffic can be found during Latin American evenings, given that most of your villains are basically Brazilian amateurs who want to gamble some money. Even though the Suprema Poker app seems to be focused on casual players from Latin America, it is worth mentioning that according to our Suprema Poker review, there are no entry barriers for worldwide players, as compared to mainstream sites which may restrict you due to gambling rules.

Suprema Poker Rake Structure

Given that Suprema Poker is a club-based social gaming app, the rake percentage is set up by the club hosts and might differ depending on their rules. Based on our Suprema Poker review, it uses a weighted contributed rake method, by collecting rake from the ones who contributed to the pot. The default rake percentage is 5% with a rake cap of up to 3BB, but it might be even less, like 3% in the case of some clubs or depending on the number of players seated at the table. By registering through ItalyPokerDeals, we guarantee that you will benefit from the best Suprema Poker rakeback deal, regardless of the clubs you would like to join, thus maximizing your overall winnings and profits. Having said this, we implement the safety first principle. We would never offer high rewards without making sure that our deals are safe and secure, because we want to avoid permanent capital loss. The hidden costs of those deals which sound too promising is that they may be too good to be true.

Suprema Poker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

Using modern cutting edge technologies, you may download and install Suprema mobile app on your mobile devices using iOS and Android operating systems. Given that this app is created as a social gaming software for play money, it can be found in the App Store since it is not an official gambling operator. Moreover, the mobile poker client can also be downloaded from the official website. For professional players who are familiar with the Windows version of the software, they can install Suprema desktop client on their PC. Suprema Poker resembles UPoker in its design, allowing you to multi-table up to 4 tables simultaneously, which are displayed having a vertical layout. The interface is quite intuitive and convenient for the user, the design being pretty simple, to better serve casual players and also this brings a positive effect when it comes to improving app performance and speed. The downside of this app is that there is no MAC version developed so far. While the software offers some in-built stats which can be accessed by purchasing a VIP card, poker trackers are not directly supported for using the HUD at the tables to view real time statistics without using a hand converter. The good thing about the Suprema app is that you don’t need to use any VPN to hide your location if you want to join from countries where online poker is prohibited or from a gray area.

Suprema Poker Bonuses

As previously mentioned, being only a social gaming app, there are no welcome bonuses at Suprema Poker as compared to traditional gambling operators. Nevertheless, by registering through IPD you already maximize your Suprema Poker rakeback by joining the best clubs with the highest RB deals.

Suprema Poker Promotions

Besides the Suprema Poker rakeback offered by IPD and the better win rate you can have at the tables by playing against Brazilian amateurs, you can also win additional money using the jackpot available at the cash tables. How does it work? Basically from every 20BB in the pot it is subtracted an amount of 0.2-1BB which is funding the jackpot. If you lose the hand with at least an AAAxx full house or better for Texas Holdem you trigger the jackpot payout which depends on the stakes played.

Suprema Poker Review

Suprema Poker is a recently launched mobile poker app created to serve casual Brazilian players. The app can be installed on iOS and Android devices or using the Windows version on your PC. It resembles UPoker in structure and appearance, allowing players to multi-table up to 4 tables. The difference is that it is geolocated in Latin America and therefore the traffic might not be so convenient for those having a different time zone or living in other areas across the globe. As all other apps, Suprema Poker does not have a common pool of players, since games are played in private clubs, except for those who are part of alliances, which resemble the idea of poker networks. Although it has been developed as a social gaming platform, it acts as a de facto real money app, given that all financial transactions are performed in the backend using an agent as a liaison. Even though we don’t face a licensed gambling operator, which can make some users feel reluctant about joining such shady rooms, Suprema Poker has proven its fairness due to the fact that the RNG has been certified by Gaming Labs, finding the cards shuffling as being safe and secure. Moreover, ItalyPokerDeals acts as an extra layer of safety, doing due diligence and carefully selecting the clubs offered to our customers, to avoid any issue or complaints from our clients. Perhaps the biggest advantage of joining such an unregulated market is the possibility for players from restricted territories where online poker is prohibited to safely return to the games, without risking to be banned or needing to use a VPN to hide their location. This was made possible by the boom of mobile poker apps, who expanded rapidly in the past years. Another good thing is that in a very competitive environment for online poker in 2023, these apps help improve the ecology of the games, increasing the overall traffic and the fish to regs ratio by creating softer playing fields. The main benefits of joining Suprema Poker are the wide variety of Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games, where you can compete against casual players from Brazil, being a Latin American app. While the table layout might be inconvenient for some users, there is a downloadable client for PC, which allows you to multi-table at 4 tables and use HUD to display statistics if you purchase a converter. On top of this, you also benefit from higher than average flat Suprema Poker rakeback deals offered by ItalyPokerDeals, up to 50%, depending on the clubs you would like to join. In this way, not only do you maximize your win rate at the tables by playing against weaker opponents but you may also increase your overall profits with additional rakeback, according to our Suprema Poker review. The main disadvantages may be that if you are a mass grinder you are limited to only 4 tables and you might feel uncomfortable with the table design and hand converter configuration as compared to mainstream websites with excellent software. Moreover, there is no MAC version available and the time zone might be inconvenient taking into account that the traffic peaks during Latin American evenings, when you will most likely miss all the good action if you are playing from Europe.


All in all, there are pros and cons with Suprema Poker as with all other gambling brands, since there are not only sunshines and rainbows. This app is great for those where gambling is banned in their countries, who might feel very happy about this underground option and in the same time discover a hidden gem, where they can win plenty of money by defeating their weak Brazilian casual opponents Suprema poker app is also an excellent choice for bum hunters and high stakes players who are perhaps incentivized to join a softer playing field while earning in the same time solid Suprema Poker rakeback using ItalyPokerDeals variety of clubs. While there are some disadvantages and complexities with running the software, they might be worth the hassle after all for these players. We recommend Suprema Poker especially for Holdem and Omaha HU players who can find very good games and juicy action at all stakes, paying a low rake with a low rake cap for these games. On the other hand, we believe that for micro stakes players it isn't worth the hassle and the extra complexities of purchasing a hand converter or limiting to only 4 tables when you have good traffic and easy games at those stakes at most sites, including the traditional gambling operators. Last but not the least, Suprema Poker is not the best option for those who might feel uncomfortable with mobile poker apps in general or with the vertical table layouts, as well as for those who in particular live in other areas, playing at inconvenient hours, outside of the peak traffic which can be found during Brazilian evenings, where most of the fish are at the tables in this Latin American app.