Up to 65%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL1000

PPPoker Rakeback Deal

You are invited to join PPPoker, the biggest Asian Poker App, where you can play Holdem (NLHE & 6+), Omaha (PLO & PLO5c) and Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) games up to the highest stakes on the market.
PPPoker is structured in clubs, which can be considered as smaller poker rooms, each of them hosting their own games. Some of the clubs have made partnerships, called unions, and they share the same poker tables.
ItalyPokerDeals is offering a large variety of clubs, with players from different countries. Deals vary from club to club and they are a little bit different from the deals of the standard poker rooms.

Usually, a PPPoker deal has 4 components:
1. rakeback : between 10% - 50%; it is paid on a weekly basis on your poker account or Skrill
2. weekly fee : between 0% - 15%; it is the fee charged by the clubs on a weekly basis; it is applied on profits and rakeback; it is not applied on deposits or if you lose money
3. rebate : between 0% - 15%; it is a percentage of your action bought by the club; this means they charge you this percentage of your winnings or they pay you the same percentage of your loses
4. withdrawal fee : 0%; at the moment we do not charge any withdrawal fee so you will receive 100% of your cashouts.

Another specific notion of PPPoker is the settlement, which represents the accounting sessions between our agency and the clubs we are working with. Settlement is made on a weekly basis and it usually takes a few hours, timeframe during which you can't play because your balance will be taken to our agency. When settlement is done, your balance is returned to your account and you can resume playing.

Because of the way PPPoker network is built, aspects like granting access to clubs, deposits, withdrawals and reporting are manually executed. Because of this reason, at the moment, we do not put small stakes players in PPPoker and minimum deposit accepted for PPPoker is $500 per account.

PPPoker Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

Accepted PPPoker payment methods are:
- Skrill (EUR and USD)
- Neteller (EUR and USD)
- Cryptocurrencies : USDT, BTC (more will be added in the near future).

For depositing, you will send the money to one of our Skrill or Neteller ewallets or BTC addresses and we will credit your PPPoker account. Deposits will be processed within a few minutes up to a few hours.
The minimum amount for deposits is $500 or the equivalent BTC amount. Some clubs might have higher minimum deposit requirements. Please get in touch with our team for more details!

For withdrawing, you inform us the amount you want to cash out, we will witdhraw the money from your PPPoker account and when it is processed, you will receive the amount in your Skrill wallet or BTC address you provide.
Withdrawals are paid in the settlement day only and they must be requested no later than 24 hours before the settlement. For example, in case of a club which has the settlement day on Wednesday, the withdrawal request must be made no later than Tuesday morning. Withdrawal requested after this day will be paid the following week in the settlement day.

PPPoker Traffic and Games Overview

PPPoker belongs to the Asian Poker Apps category and is structured in clubs, therefore the traffic can't be exactly estimated like in a standard poker network.

Some of the clubs have a lot of traffic, offering several hundreds of tables across different varieties of poker (standard holdem, 6 plus holdem, omaha, omaha 5 cards, open face chinese) and games running up to the highest stakes ($25/50). Some very fishy games run in the smaller clubs as well.

Poker Types and Games in PPPoker

In PPPoker App you can play the types of poker from below. Some of the PPPoker clubs are hosting only some of the poker types, please check our clubs list from the top of the page or get in touch with our team for exact details.
- Holdem (NLH) - cash, SNG & MTT
- Omaha (PLO) - 4card & 5card
- Open Face Chinese Poker (POFC)

In case of NLHE, cash games are the most popular and some clubs offer the flash cash tables version, while SNGs and MTTs have lower traffic.

In case of PLO, PPPoker introduced the 5 card version, a game which, in some clubs attracts more players than the standard 4 card PLO. Flash PLO games are also available in some clubs.

POFC is a Chinese Poker variant, played with 52 cards, where players are initially dealt 5 cards and then receive one card at a time, until each of them has a 13 card hand. The goal is to get more points than the opponents, by winning more rows or by earning royalties, but without fouling.

PPPoker Games Currency and Levels

PPPoker games are played in Chips, which have different values, depending on the club. Here are some of the values 1 chip might have, at the time of writing of this section of our PPPoker review. Please be aware that different currencies vs USD exchange rates might change!
- USD (United States Dollaro)
- BRL (Brazilian Real) = $0.24
- INR (Indian Rupee) = $0.014
- PHP (Phillipine Peso) = $0.019
- BAHT (Thailand Baht) = $0.030
- SGD (Singapore Dollaro) = $0.73
- TWD (Taiwan Dollar) = $0.032

Each PPPoker club hosts games of different types of poker, different types of tables and stakes and the number of tables varies from club to club.

In case of NLHE and PLO, most of the clubs host games starting from 0.10/0.20 chips up to 5/10 chips and in case of OFC, the games have blinds between 1 and 10 chips. Please check our clubs list for more details!

PPPoker Rake Structure

PPPoker charges rake from the pots at the tables, like standard poker rooms, using Weighted Contributed rake method.

Rake charged varies depending on the type of poker. In the table below, you can find PPPoker rake structure:


Poker Type Stakes Number of Players Rake Percentage Rake Cap (big blinds)
Texas Holdem All Stakes 2 3% 3BB
Texas Holdem All Stakes 3-8 5% 3BB
Omaha All Stakes 2 3% 3BB
Omaha All Stakes 3-8 5% 3BB
Open Face Chinese All Stakes 2-3 3% 2BB
5 Card All Stakes 2-6 5% 2BB



PPPoker Tracking and Software Features


PPPoker Trackers Support

PPPoker does not offer built in support for trackers. If you want to use Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker in this room, you need to use a 3rd party hand grabber. Please get in touch with us for details!

PPPoker Client Versions

PPPoker was designed as a mobile device poker application, offering versions for both iOS and Android devices (which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play) and also an APK (Android package kit). Besides those, PPPoker offers a downloadable Windows client, being one of the few Asian Poker Apps which offer such version.

PPPoker Multi-tabling

From the mobile device apps and Windows client, you can play only 1 PPPoker table at a time.
In order to simultaneously play at several PPPoker tables, you will need several PPPoker accounts and an emulator. An emulator is a software which emulates the interface of a mobile device (smartphone) and offers the option of launching several instances. On each instance of the emulator you can load a different PPPoker account and access a different table. This way, you can multi-table at PPPoker.

Installing Emulator and PPPoker Software

Asian Apps emulator we recommend is LDplayer. Please check this page for download links, installation tutorial and a short review.

When the emulator installation is finished, please do the following steps in order to install PPPoker app:
1. Access www.PPPoker.net and click on Android button from the bottom of the page. Your PPPoker APK will start downloading to your hard drive (by default, it will be saved in the Downloads folder)
2. When PPPoker app finished downloading, drag and drop it to the emulator.
3. In a few seconds, the app will be installed and you will be prompted to start using it. Click on the Register / Log-in button in order to register account or to insert your credentials.

PPPoker Software Features and Design

PPPoker app is user friendly, it has a smooth design and in our opinion is the best looking Asian App. All its sections are well structured and easy to browse, while its content is well organized and easy to follow even on small devices.
Within PPPoker, the aren't many app settings to configure, but among them you can toggle the sounds on or off and choose from several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese.
A Hand Review section is available and you can check all hands played at the tables. They also have a Support section, but this is not free of charge, you have to send them some Gold, the PPPoker internal currency.
All PPPoker clubs are accessible from the main section of the lobby and once you selected the club you want to play in, the tables list is clearly displayed and details like poker type, stakes or number of players are visible around each table. Please be aware that all PPPoker tables will run for a determined duration, which is also displayed among the details of the table.
When you open a table, you will notice a very clean design, using a restful color palette and all elements (players and table info) are very well placed. You can easily observe which players are still in hand, their positions at the table, their stacks, actions and time bank left.
With the table open, you can easily access the table menu (offering stand up, top up, table settings, step away, share and exit options), the chat window, hand history window, tips section and another section showing players' activity history at the current table.
Among table settings, you can choose 4 color deck and an interesting but paid feature called Game Data, which displays real time, at the table, 8 stats of your opponents play (VPIP, PFR, Steal, Check-raise, 3Bet, Fold-to-3bet, Cbet and Fold-to-Cbet), in a manner similar to Holdem Manager HUD.
Among in-game features, PPPoker offers Timebank, Inssurance (secure your pot investment against a badbeat) and Run-it-Twice (in order to minimize variation, when going all in you have to option deal the remaining cards 2 times).