Up to 60%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL10000

PokerBros Rakeback Deal

Players who sign up with ItalyPokerDeals should contact us regarding Pokerbros rakeback deals. These depend on the club you would like to join and are paid based on the gross rake created at the tables.

As compared to mainstream poker sites which face restrictions due to gambling legislation changes, mobile poker apps are a good option for those living in a gray area, given there are no restrictions. As all club-based poker apps, games are hosted by the club owner and played in private clubs where invited players are welcomed.

At first glance, PokerBros is an online social gaming network which doesn’t provide real money games. However, you are able to exchange chips into cash using an agent, who performs all transactions. PokerBros clubs are worldwide – Brazil, Mexico, US, Russia etc. Each club acts like a small independent poker room. However, you need to work through a trusted agent since these apps are not regulated and they are therefore riskier than mainstream operators.

ItalyPokerDeals offers safe access to one of the fishiest online poker fields, playing against amateurs. Please keep in mind that since this is an unregulated app, the only way to avoid the risk of having issues is to work with a trusted agent, who can help you join only the most reputable clubs. Moreover, in this way you also get access to some PokerBros rakeback deals which are available.

PokerBros Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

As previously mentioned, PokerBros is an online gaming app. Therefore, it does not provide any real money games on an ex-ante basis. However, the software has been used as a gateway for real money games by club owners who leveraged their expertise in accounting and finance, by offering players the chance to make deposits and request withdrawals using different payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller eWallets in both USD and EUR currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT.

Deposits are usually processed within a few hours, regardless of the payment method used, whereas withdrawals are performed by the agent once per week, when settlement is made, given that Pokerbros doesn’t offer direct cashier. It is worth mentioning that ItalyPokerDeals provides safety of transactions, working only with the legit, most trusted and reputable club owners all over the world. By signing up through us you avoid the risk of any potential loss generated by the lack of competent agents, who only care about themselves, not the money of their clients.

We have a wide range of clubs with fishy and juicy action where you can play against weak US or Latin American players. It is worth mentioning that even though online poker might be restricted in your area, you can still join Pokerbros since officially it is only a social gaming platform where all the settlement is done behind.

PokerBros Traffic and Games Overview

The rise of poker apps has improved the poker ecology of the games and brought new additional traffic from restricted markets. You may find a dozen Pokerbros alliances which act as poker networks with different clubs or smaller skins if you want, sharing the same player pool. The peak traffic can usually be found during the evenings and throughout the weekend, but it depends on the geolocation of the club player pool. Luckily, you can find enough traffic at any time of the day.

As for the available games, here you can find the following ones:

  • No Limit Texas Holdem cash games taking place from NL10 up to NL1K
  • Pot Limit Omaha cash games beginning with PLO10 up to PLO1K
  • MTTs: dozens of MTTs available everyday with thousands of chips guaranteed
  • Open Face Chinese Poker: plenty of OFC tables with jackpots

Of course, the most popular games are as always NLHE and PLO cash games, with plenty of tables available, especially for smaller stakes, where you can find even more than 50 tables in some clubs. MTTs have also begun to gain popularity at Pokerbros due to the growth of the largest American alliances: Diamond and Sapphire, which have a huge player pool, with up to 500k GTD MTT series. Besides them, massive tournament series are also held in some Brazilian clubs around the clock.

You are probably asking yourself why would anyone trust these mobile apps and prefer them instead of the traditional poker sites. Well, the answer is easy. They bring fresh blood to the games, improve the ecology of the games and increase traffic. Basically, such soft lineups cannot be noticed in mainstream rooms, especially for higher stakes, where you cannot even find enough traffic except for probably the massive brands GGPoker and Pokerstars, but where you also face tougher opponents.

Using ItalyPokerDeals expertise in the poker apps industry, you can massively increase your win rate by defeating your weaker opponents who are mostly amateurs from the US, Europe, Asia or Latin America. Thanks to the mobile apps unregulated market, many US players returned to the game. Also, besides the poker boom now taking place in Asia, another boom seems to emerge in Brazil.

PokerBros Rake Structure

PokerBros app uses a classical weighted contributed rake method as other operators. What distinguishes it from the traditional poker sites is that the rake is slightly smaller, only 5% from the gross rake paid with a rake cap of 3BB, quite similar with the rake policy of PPPoker. There is no preflop rake charged at the games. Moreover, the rake percentage is only 2% for Open Face Chinese games, which is pretty much the lowest in the industry.

We consider that grinders should focus less on the rake though and more on the very soft lineups.

PokerBros Access, Tracking, Software Features and Details

PokerBros is a social gaming app that can be used through any iPhone or Android mobile device. While the software doesn’t have a downloadable Windows version, even though the app is optimized for smartphones, according to our Pokerbros review, you can also play on a PC by installing an Android emulator.

To do this, you need to download the APK file and then play on your Windows. Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can therefore open it in your Android emulator and from there you can register your user and join the PokerBros clubs you enjoy to defeat your enemies.

Although ItalyPokerDeals only works with reputable PokerBros clubs, avoiding fraudsters and predatory behavior, the lack of having a gambling license may be a disadvantage for some players. However, it is worth mentioning that PokerBros RNG has been tested and certified by Gaming Labs, BMM Test Labs and iTech Labs, concluding the software is 100% legit.

Moreover, even though the issues of bots and collusion are debated in the poker industry, the management of the app has hired a team of programmers and experienced players called The Game Integrity Bros team to handle these issues and identify bots, according to our PokerBros review.

When it comes to the software features, the app has been built as an echo of Chinese poker rooms, allowing you to customize the bet slider, select your preferred table themes and multi-table up to 4 tables from one account. As most other mobile poker apps, the display of the tables is vertical.

However, we should mention that you need a powerful PC (at least i7 processor with 16/32 GB RAM) to be able to run all 4 tables on your PC because the Android emulator consumes many resources. If you want to use the HUD to display real-time statistics at the tables using hands imported from Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager or Hand2Note, you need to install a hand converter first, because the HUD does not work without it. This might add some complexity and might not be worth the hassle.

PokerBros Bonuses

Usually, when you open a new account at a poker site, you also receive a hefty welcome bonus you may harvest after your initial deposit is made. The bonus may be worth 100% up to 200% of your initial deposit and you have about 30 to 90 days at disposal to harvest it.

However, since PokerBros is a social gaming app where all settlement takes place behind the scenes, there is no welcome bonus available when you join a club and make your initial deposit.

However, depending on the club you want to join, you may earn money in two ways:

  • By increasing your winrate competing against amateurs from the US, Latin America, etc.
  • Through the flat rakeback deals provided by ItalyPokerDeals which are paid weekly.

PokerBros Promotions

Even though it is a mobile poker app, PokerBros allows recreational players to gamble and earn additional cash prizes through the Jackpot tables. Basically, Pokerclub cash players from all clubs participate in the jackpot promotion and the prize pool is offered when a player loses with a strong hand when at least 4 seats are occupied at the table and the size of the pot is at least 10 bbs.

The share of the jackpot paid to the winner might fluctuate between 15% and 85%, depending on stakes.

PokerBros Review

PokerBros is a new club-based mobile poker app launched in 2019, after the boom of PokerMaster, PPPoker and Upoker Asian poker apps. Given the lack of country restrictions, this is a great boost to the overall online poker traffic, new players from restricted markets joining the tables and improving the ecology of the game. While it has been built as a social gaming platform, it is actually used as a gateway for real money games using the agents who deal with the club owners to make settlements.

PokerBros is especially trending in the US, where poker was prohibited as well as in emerging Latin America countries like Brazil. Players can register and join their preferred clubs, which might be part of alliances, resembling the idea of poker networks, where skins share the same player pool. Perhaps the most exciting thing about PokerBros is playing in one of the fishiest online poker fields.

Other advantages of joining PokerBros are playing against US and Latin American amateurs using perhaps one of the best mobile poker clients, available for both iOS and Android devices. You can find plenty of good games all the time, the traffic being really good as compared to mainstream operators. Moreover, grinders might also enjoy the pretty decent rake which makes the games more profitable. On top of this, IPD players also benefit from special flat PokerBros rakeback deals. They can also use an Android emulator to install the software on their PC if they enjoy multi-tabling.

Even though the app is unregulated, it has proven its fairness since its RNG has been tested and certified. Of course, when it comes to the downsides, we should mention the fact that PokerBros doesn’t hold a gambling license, which may make some players feel reluctant about joining an unregulated app. Moreover, there is no downloadable poker client for PC and playing using the Android emulator might be pretty hard, given the PC requirements and the complexities of this setup. Moreover, the lack of direct cashier might be challenging for some users who might also dislike the idea of buying a hand converter, should they want to better exploit their opponents through the HUD via statistics.

PokerBros Conclusion

All in all, we believe PokerBros is an excellent choice for high stakes players and bum hunters looking for a soft playing field where they can earn a massive win rate at the tables, but probably a less good option for those who prefer the security of a licensed poker site and the multi-tabling capacities of a downloadable poker client. Playing from your mobile can be tricky for a professional grinder, and therefore we recommend getting in touch with IPD’s technical team to help you install the Android emulator and check whether your PC fulfills the requirements you need for multi-tabling.

Those who are not comfortable with making transactions using an agent and who prefer the easiness of traditional poker sites can find other good rakeback deals provided by ItalyPokerDeals on our website. In our humble opinion, based on our PokerBros review, micro stakes players have better options out there, and it doesn’t worth the hassle for them to join a mobile app. These being said, should you want to test the waters, make sure to get safe access provided by the IPD team, who can help you pick the juiciest clubs and also benefit from some exclusive PokerBros rakeback deals available.

Nevertheless, in a competitive online poker environment, mobile apps are a good alternative for those seeking better fields with softer lineups and for those who are living in gray areas where gambling legislation is restrictive and there are few choices for grinding poker online. Those are advice to check the list of our PokerBros clubs and select those which are suiting them the best.