• Rakeback Date: 1st week of the month
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: w
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL1000

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PlanetWin365 Italia Poker Rakeback Deal

ItalyPokerDeals offers its customers the following poker rakeback deal:

  • Safe access to an Italian reservation with VPN technical assistance
  • Up to €500 Welcome Bonus, worth 25% additional rakeback
  • Up to 25% VIP rakeback VIP Club offers the following benefits for regular players:

There are 6 VIP levels which resemble military ranks: Soldier, Sergeant, Marshall, Captain, Colonel, General, out of which 4 are monthly and 2 are annual levels with different requirements. Players accumulate VPPs by playing real money cash games or tournaments at a rate of 100 VPPs for every €1 paid in rake, which help them climb the VIP ladder and thus earn higher effective cashback.

The opposite is also true. Players who don’t earn the required VPPs will be downgraded to the previous VIP level until they reach back the first level, Soldier. Moreover, the points which have not been used throughout the month may expire and they cannot be redeemed for cash any longer.

Besides the VPPs which are used to reach higher VIP levels, players also earn 2 FPPs for each €1 paid in rake, which can be then used in the VIP Club to gain cash rewards, depending on your VIP level. For instance, Soldier level can earn a maximum reward of €5 in a month, equivalent to 8.5% cashback. On the other side, once you rake at least €300 per month, you reach Marshall VIP level, where you can earn up to €120 in monthly rewards, getting 25% Poker rakeback.

While 25% is the maximum rakeback rate you can reach, you may still need to climb the VIP ladder, moving to higher levels because the monthly rewards are capped at €120 for Marshall and €300 for Captain. Therefore, you need to hit the Colonel or General annual levels if you want to get up to €2,500 monthly VIP rewards. However, to be eligible for that, you need to rake €2,400 per month.

According to our poker review, the VIP club is pretty modest and therefore, once you have raked at least €300 per month, which can easily be achieved even at micro stakes, the focus should rather be on improving the quality of your game and exploit the weakness of the opponents, which are mostly Italian fish than grind to win massive amounts of effective cashback. Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

First of all, we should mention that only Italian players can officially play at However, the Italian poker room offers several global payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard debit cards, Wire transfer, Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill or Neteller eWallets. 

While deposits are processed instantly, cashouts usually take up to 3 business days. Non-Italian players are kindly asked to contact our support team to help them with account configuration. Traffic and Games Overview

Being a segregated market, only serves customers from Italy. Suffice is to say that the traffic is pretty low, with an average number of 150 players online. However, the reason this Italian poker room is preferred by grinders is basically the soft field of recreational players.

All games are played in € currency and peak traffic can be found during European evenings, when you can find up to 20 tables of 6-max Texas Holdem, most of them available at micro stakes. Low and mid stakes also offer a few tables around the clock, but high stakes action is pretty rare.

An interesting thing about is that it also offers good heads up and PLO cash games, with up to 10 tables at low stakes and 3-5 tables up to PLO50. While the Italian poker room supports cash games up to NL/PLO1K, except for the weekends, you can hardly find any traffic whatsoever.

Due to the low traffic, the MTT grid is pretty poor, with no more than 100 connections. There are about 20 daily tournaments with entry buy-ins up to €7.7 and guaranteed prizes up to €1,000. According to our poker review, the Italian poker room is most suitable for Texas Holdem HU and 6-max as well as PLO cash games, being a good option for bum hunters. Rake Structure uses a weighted contributed rake formula, with the following rake structure:

  • Up to NL5 – 6.67% rake with rake cap between €1 and €1.5
  • NL10 up to NL25 – 6.25% rake with rake cap between €1.25 and €2
  • NL50 up to NL100 – 5.88% rake capped between €1.25 and €3
  • NL 200 and above – 5.56% rake capped between €1.5 and €5

Based on our poker review, there is no preflop rake and tournament fees are 10%. Poker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

If you want to play at, all you need to do is to download the software, which is one of the best available on the market, allowing you enjoy a nice user experience from your PC, without needing to use the web browser, which can also be an alternative option. The software is extremely safe allowing you to play faster and multi-table your preferred games. uses its own proprietary software, allowing you to table select and use waiting lists. The client has a classic design using black and yellow background colors, allowing you to make notes on your opponents. The client can also be accessed via mobile play using iOS or Android devices.

It is worth mentioning that poker trackers such as Holdem Manager or PokerTracker are not directly supported by the software but you can still use the HUD to collect statistics on your opponents at the tables by using a hand converter which can be acquired at your request in exchange with a small fee. ItalyPokerDeals also provides technical assistance with VPN configuration for non-Italian players. Poker Bonuses

New players are rewarded with a nice welcome bonus up to €500, regardless of the amount of their initial deposit. While in theory you can harvest the whole bonus amount no matter how much you deposit, you still need proper bankroll management so that you don’t run out of money.

As previously mentioned in our poker review, players earn 2 FPPs for every €1 paid in rake. At the same time the bonus is released in €5 small increments for every 40 FPPs accumulated. Therefore, every once in a while, you redeem €5 worth of the bonus for raking €20. In this respect, the welcome bonus is equivalent to 25% poker rakeback. Players have 60 days to clear the whole bonus, but in this time frame they won’t earn FPPs, meaning that they will basically receive a fixed 25% rakeback as long as they have an ongoing bonus. Poker Promotions

Besides the up to €500 welcome bonus and up to €25% VIP rakeback, players also have the chance to participate in the numerous poker promotions, which are constantly changing in an effort of the Italian poker room to attract as many casual players as possible using all methods.

Spin & Win is an interesting Sit & Go with a hyper-turbo structure played in 3-max format, available at 5 stakes with entry buy-ins between €1 and €20, which has been created to add more excitement to the game. Players who win the lottery can hit a multiplier of up to 4,000x which is really huge. This means that the winner can earn as much as €80,000 even though he plays on a niched site.

Guaranteed Sunday tournaments are also scheduled to boost traffic by offering solid prize pools: €1,500 for Final Impact, €2,500 for MicroCosmo and €7,500 for Cosmo. also offers freerolls to qualify for these weekly tournaments. Last but not the least, the poker room also offers jackpot tournaments where the player who wins two tournaments in the same day wins 70% of the progressive jackpot, while the 2nd and 3rd place are also paid with increasing cash prizes. Poker Review is one of the oldest Italian poker rooms, being developed by a subsidiary of the Austrian company SKS365, which operated in South Korea and Turkey, prior to entering the European poker market in 2014 and establishing The Hive network. also offers other gambling services such as casino games and sports betting, entering the Italian market in 2017.

At that time the player pool was segregated, which had good and bad results. The Italian poker room became one of the softest playing fields due to the presence of weak players and the lack of Eastern European regulars, but at the same time the traffic decreased a lot, which left the games offering pretty poor. is legally operating in Italy under the AAMS (ADM) license.

As mentioned above, the main advantages of playing at are the access to a soft Italian reservation, where you can leverage our expertise with Italian poker rooms, by helping you configure your account and VPN to safely play against weaker opponents. The software is pretty intuitive and you can also make the HUD work in your own advantage, by exploiting your villains.

On the other side, let’s face it: except for bum hunters, we have a hard time believing you will be satisfied with the low traffic, specifically for higher stakes. The SNG and MTT traffic is also pretty dead. While the welcome bonus might seem appealing, the maximum possible poker rakeback is 25%, because you cannot earn FPPs while you have ongoing bonuses. Last but not the least, poker trackers are not supported directly, which may require additional effort to configure hand grabbers, whereas non-Italian players will need to use a high quality VPN.


All in all, you are probably asking yourself whether all these efforts made to play at are worth the hassle. As always in online poker, it depends. Given the high rake at micro stakes and complexity of hand grabbers and VPN configuration, it might not be the best solution for beginners. However, for those seeking soft playing fields, is a good and reliable platform, being particularly suitable for HU and PLO players, as well as for professional bum hunters who are patient.