• Rakeback Date: 1st week of the month
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Direct Cashier
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL1000

Andrew - Italian & Worldwide Poker Rooms Poker Rakeback Deal

New players who signup with ItalyPokerDeals get the following poker rakeback deal:

- Safe access to a soft Italian reservation with VPN technical assistance

- 100% up to €950 Welcome bonus, worth 25% rakeback equivalent

- Up to 45% VIP rakeback for Diamond players

Rakeback Table
Level Rakeback Percentage Monthly Rake Required Rake to Points Ratio Monthly Points Required Points to Rakeback Ratio Level Rakeback Max Rakeback
Cuori (Hearts) up to 20% €0 - €250 €1 = 10 Points 0 - 2500 500 points = €10 €50 €200
Quadri (Diamonds) up to 25% €250 - €1000 €1 = 10 Points 2500 - 10000 500 points = €12.5 €250 €500
Fiori (Clubs) up to 30% €1000 - €2000 €1 = 10 Points 10000 - 20000 500 points = €15 €600 €1500
Picche (Spades) up to 40% €2000 - €3000 €1 = 10 Points 20000 - 30000 500 points = €20 €1200 €3000
Assi (Aces) up to 45% above €3000 €1 = 10 Points above 30000 500 points = €22.5 €5000

Lottomativa VIP system is called Premium Club and reward players up to 45% rakeback as follows:

As you may notice from above, Lottomatica uses two types of points: status and bonus points to reward its players. Status points are acquired by playing real money cash games and tournaments, being used to climb the VIP ladder which consists of 8 levels: Bronze, Copper, Cobalt, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald and Diamond. The highest VIP level requires 400,000 status points to reach it.

Players receive 1 status point for every €0.01 paid in rake, whereas for Sit and Go’s and MTTs, they get 1.5 status points for the same amount of rake. Therefore, when playing Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games, they can reach the highest VIP level, Diamond, after raking at least €4,000.

It is worth mentioning that as compared with other online gambling operators, might downgrade you to an inferior VIP level if you don’t manage to acquire the required rake/month. Once you have accumulated status points and reached a certain VIP level, a multiplier will be applied accordingly, being rewarded with a specific amount of bonus points, which can then be exchanged into cash at a rakeback rate assigned to your current VIP level, which ranges between 2% and 55%.

To be able to redeem your cash bonuses for the Premium Club VIP system, you need to access your account and go to the premium club section, where you have the option to request the specific bonus you would like to receive. In order to exchange your bonus points at the highest rakeback rate, you should first climb the VIP ladder to be awarded with a better multiplier up to 6x.

Therefore, the highest VIP level, Diamond will allow you to maximize your poker rakeback, receiving 55%, which means earning a cash bonus worth of €2,200 for the €4,000 rake. An interesting feature about the Premium Club is that it does not update your performance on a monthly basis, but chooses your best results based on the 7, 30 and 100 days respectively moving average.

This means that if you have a bad month, you can still maintain your VIP level if the previous corresponding months have been good, raking a decent amount at the tables. This means that in the long run the best way to keep earning solid cashback is by constantly playing real money games.

According to our Poker review, the Premium Club VIP system is one of highest on the market, allowing serious grinders who constantly play to maximize their Lottomatica poker rakeback.

Lottomatica Italia Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods) offers direct cashier and accepts various payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard debit cards, Wire transfer or electronic wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. They also offer the option to make payments using Paysafecard or Paypal, which is considered the safest option whatsoever.

Given that it is an Italian reservation, players can also make top-ups at the points of sale authorized by Lottomatica. The minimum deposit is €10, except for Skrill where you need to deposit at least €30. The website does not charge any additional fees for processing transactions. For withdrawals you can use the same payment methods, cashouts being processed in up to 3 business days on average. Poker Traffic and Games Overview

While is popular across Italian players, the traffic is rather on the lower side since it is part of a segregated player pool.  The most popular games are Texas Holdem cash games, which are available at all stakes, starting from NL2 up to NL1K, in all formats from Heads Up to 6-max and full ring tables. HU games are particularly attractive given the weak playing field.

PLO games also offered up to PLO1k, but the traffic is lower as compared to Texas Holdem. Sit and Go’s are another option at Lottomatica, with several buy-ins ranging from freerolls up to €250. Given the low traffic, multi table tournaments are less popular, but the lineups are pretty soft. An interesting feature offered by Lottomatica are the anonymous tables where you can hide identity.

It is worth mentioning that even though the Italian reservation is very suitable for bum hunters who can search for the most profitable games around the clock, the peak traffic can be found during European evenings, usually between 17 and 23, with most action taking place at 6-max cash games.

Lottomatica Italia Rake Structure

It is not a surprise that regular players do not love paying rake, so this is an important element to be assessed within our poker review. Like most other operators, the Italian poker room uses a pretty standard weighted contributed rake method, with no rake being charged preflop. Since it does not use any redistributing rake formula, Lottomatica does not have any hidden costs.

When it comes to the rake structure, we should mention that the rake is pretty high, slightly above the industry’s benchmark. Lottomatica charges 5.5% for Texas Holdem cash games starting from NL100 and above and 6.25% for micro and low stakes, which is pretty expensive. The rake cap fluctuates between €1 and €3.5 depending on the stakes and number of players seated at the table. From this perspective, it seems that the lowest rake cap can be seen at heads up tables at all stakes. Poker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

Lottomatica uses a software that has been developed by BossMedia company. The poker client is functional and intuitive, being designed for both Windows desktop version as well as a mobile app compatible with iOS or Android devices. 

While poker trackers such as Holdem Manager and PokerTracker are supported by the software, allowing you to use the HUD at the tables to collect statistics and better exploit your opponents, officially only Italian players are allowed to join the website. Therefore, non-Italian players need to configure their VPN, should they want to play at the Italian poker room. ItalyPokerDeals has several years of expertise on this market and is happy to offer you technical support at skype ID: italy_pkr Poker Bonuses

Lottomatica offers a nice welcome bonus of 100% up to €950 for first time depositors who make an initial deposit of at least €10. Players earn 40 poker points for each €1 paid in rake. The bonus is released in €2 increments for every 320 poker points accumulated, which means that the welcome bonus is equivalent to 25% additional poker rakeback. To be eligible to get the maximum poker bonus you need to deposit €950 and generate 152,000 points to harvest the whole amount. Players have 90 days to clear the whole bonus and earn additional cash. Poker Promotions

Besides the welcome bonus and the solid VIP poker rakeback, there are constant promotions around the clock. For instance, Lottomatica introduced an interesting €6,000 cash race, which can be used by grinders to earn additional cash prizes by competing with other opponents. However, please keep in mind that these promotions change frequently, being offered for a limited time, usually during Christmas holidays or Black Tuesday etc.

Some of the most exciting promotions out there are the happy hour tournaments with guaranteed prizes, the full house freeroll during the Sundays, the Royal Flush Slot & Go or Straight Flush Sit & Go tournaments. Lottomatica is committed to attract casual players to maintain a soft playing field.

Another interesting promotion is the Lottomatica Main event ranking, where you have the chance to win a prize pool of €135,000 and a poker bonus of €3,000 by competing in a series of tournaments. Poker Review

Lottomatica is a soft Italian poker room, providing good Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games as compared to other mainstream operators. Being an Italian operator, it works under the supervision of AAMS, therefore non-Italian players can only join the network by using high quality VPNs. 

Being a soft reservation, even though the traffic is not great, according to our poker review, the Italian poker room is very suitable for bum hunting or heads up cash games. It is most recommended to play during European evenings peak hours, but those who are serious about the game can also benefit from the nice welcome bonus and solid Premium Club VIP system, which can help you maximize your poker rakeback and earn up to 80% total cashback.

It is worth mentioning that the software is also helpful, being easy to use and intuitive and allowing poker trackers to be used at the tables with no hands grabbers required. The downsides are of course the complexity of configuring a VPN, which is a service provided for free by ItalyPokerDeals to its customers, the high rake for micro stakes and the low traffic for high stakes cash games grinders.


Having both pros and cons, is definitely an interesting Italian poker room which should at least be tested to check the quality of the games. We consider it more suitable to heads up and PLO players seeking for soft playing fields as well as for bm hunters in general who are already familiar with Italian reservations. ItalyPokerDeals has great expertise on this market and can help you bypass any issues that might arise with playing on segregated markets.

According to our poker review, given the high rake of up to 6.25% at micro stakes, we consider there are better options out there for low limits or for those seeking for high traffic at all hours. Lottomatica is rather a niched operator for those willing to adapt to a competitive online gambling environment looking for gaining an edge on their opponents in all possible ways. Therefore, it is one of the few options for playing against amateurs and recreational players.