Jack Poker Rakeback Deal

ItalyPokerDeals offers players worldwide the following Jack Poker rakeback deal:

- Cashback through Welcome Bonus – 300% of the deposit amount up to $1,000 

- Instant First Deposit Bonus – 10% of the deposit amount up to $50 

- Ongoing Rewards – 50% instant cash bonus up to $250 on any new deposit 

While JackPoker does not currently have a classic VIP system to reward professional poker players, they can still harvest the cashback through welcome bonuses and ongoing rewards, which are equivalent to 25% flat rakeback, releasing cash equivalents as long as they play more. 

Moreover, the poker room holds ongoing promotions to reward recreational players such as weekly leaderboards. Players who are active at the tables can win their share from the $5,000 prize pool. Besides this, active players can also hit jackpots of up to $250,000 every week.


JackPoker Cashier (Deposit and withdrawal methods)

There are pros and cons with JackPoker cashier. The good part about it is that the poker room offers direct cashier, so that you won’t need the help of an agent for deposits or withdrawals. However, not all popular payment methods are available. You can deposit using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer or even cryptocurrencies but popular e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller are not available.

JackPoker Traffic and Games Overview

Being a fast growing gaming operator launched in 2021, the traffic at JackPoker is starting to gain some momentum, with plenty of action at most cash games: Texas Holdem, Omaha and 5 Card Omaha(a special game trending across Brazilians and preferred by recreational players). You can find tables online from micro stakes up to high stakes, while the peak traffic at JackPoker can be found during Brazilian evenings. The lowest stakes available are NL5/PL5. While the most action takes place at cash games, you can also find Jack Poker tournaments such as for instance KSOP (Kings Series of Poker) events, which are part of Brazil’s largest poker series, similar to the global WSOP series.

When checking the lobby you may also find other Jack Poker tournaments such as:

- Jack Hunter

- Jack Deep Stake

- Mini Hunter

- Progressive Knock Out

- Night Turbo

- Flip-out daily

JackPoker Rake Structure

JackPoker uses a weighted contributed rake method. When it comes to rake structure, it is pretty straightforward. Thus, for cash games the rake is 5% capped at 3 big blinds. However, the fees are slightly higher for Jack Poker tournaments, being 8%.


JackPoker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

JackPoker offers multiple options to access the games. You can choose from in browser play, which is pretty user friendly or you can download their app, which is compatible with most operating systems and mobile devices, including iOS and Android apps. However, the disadvantage for regular players is that you are not able to dowload the poker client using the desktop version.

Being built especially to attract recreational players, the lobby is easy to navigate, while the software is eye catchy, being developed by EvenBet Gaming, a trusted company with solid gaming background. It is worth mentioning that the platform is safe to use, the RNG (random number generator) being tested independently by GamingLabs, which concluded that all games are fair.

While it uses its own proprietary software, JackPoker does not allow any third parties software such as poker trackers. Therefore, while playing on this juicy brazilian poker room, you are not able to use HUD at the tables, should you want to exploit your opponents based on statistics. However, we believe that it is definitely worth trying for every professional who wants to check games softness.


JackPoker Bonuses

JackPoker offers 3 kind of deposit bonuses which are worth 25% rakeback equivalent:

1. Welcome Bonus – 300% of the deposit amount up to $1,000 - the bonus is released in $5 increments for every $20 paid in rake, being equivalent to 25% rakeback and is available for 60 days

2. Instant First Deposit Bonus – 10% of the deposit amount up to $50 – the bonus is credited directly into your cashier but in order to make any withdrawals you need to wager it, earning $5 for every $20 rake, thus earning 25% rakeback once cleared

3. Ongoing Rewards – 50% instant cash bonus up to $250 on any new deposit – to be eligible to participate in this third deposit bonus you need to deposit at least $20, the bonus being wagered at an equivalent of 25% rakeback during the following 60 days

It is worth mentioning that given the multitude of deposit bonuses available at JackPoker, regular players can constantly harvest them at a 25% rakeback rate, which means that they are actually earning cashback regardless of the lack of a classical JackPoker VIP system. 


JackPoker Promotions

Besides the aforementioned cashback options, since the room wants to mostly attract recreational players, it offers several other poker promotions which can be exciting for casual players and used as additional revenue streams by the regular players. The most interesting Jack Poker promotions are:

  • Monte Carlo Jackpot – it is available for no limit texas holdem cash games and the jackpot is awarded to players showing the strongest combination of four of a kind at the showdown 
  • Weekly Flop Cash Race – top 10 players share a prize pool of $5,000 every week joining separate leaderboards for different stakes: NLH $0,05/$0.1-$0.1/$0.2; NLH $0,25/$0.5-$0.5/$1; NLH $1/$2+; PLO5C $0,05/$0.1-$0.1/$0.2; PLO5C $0,25/$0.5-$0.5/$1; PLO5C $1/$2+
  • Leader Hat – it rewards players who have the most knockouts (Knockout Leader Hat) or the most number of hands played during the tournaments (Chipleader Hat)

JackPoker Review

JackPoker is a new poker room launched in 2001 after their founders decided to migrate from their Asian Poker Apps to cover new markets such as Brazil, the poker room being currently expanding in Latin-America. The website is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German. However, players from all over the world can join this juicy action if they are not restricted to do so, without needing to use a VPN. Playing via a trusted affiliate like ItalyPokerDeals is a safe bet.

It is worth mentioning that JackPoker is a legit online poker room, being fully licensed in Curacao and owned by Jack Entertainment N.V. The Brazilian player pool allows you having a lot of upside return with little downside risk by maximizing your winrate as compared to traditional poker sites. In our humble opinion, in a very competitive poker environment such as 2022, JackPoker is a must have in one’s portfolio of poker rooms because it is not full of regular players who limit your profits.

Adding cryptocurrencies to their suit of payment methods is another nice add-on for those who live in segregated markets, making it easier to access and bypass geographical restrictions easily.

You are not allowed to register on JackPoker website if you are a resident of Austria, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, The Netherlands, Saba, St. Maarten, Singapore, Belize, St. Martin and USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA, France, Belgium, Poland, and Spain.

It is your sole responsibility to know whether the services available on the JackPoker website are legal in the country of your residence, given compliance issues across several segregated markets.



To sum up, JackPoker looks an exciting alternative for players worldwide to the mainstream poker rooms, especially if they want to increase their winrate and play against recreational players who usually join the tables from their mobile devices. Not having a downloadable client can be a disadvantage for the old grinders who are used to multitable from their desktop, but they can still exploit weaker opponents even without using a HUD if they’re willing to adapt and play in browser.

Even for those who are not yet convinced, we believe that JackPoker is definitely worth a try and trial and error will eventually help you make an educated decision whether it is what you are looking for. After all, it takes less than two minutes to open an account via ItalyPokerDeals and our support team can help you right away should you need any assistance with configuring your account. Last, but not the least, JackPoker also offers customer service using live chat, e-mail or social media.

If you’re used to deposit and make withdrawals with popular e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill, you have to take into account their lack of availability at JackPoker. In order to fund your account, you need to either transfer money from your bank or make a debit card deposit. If you don’t have any available funds, then you should withdraw from your wallets first before depositing any money on this Brazilian poker reservation. 

Please also keep in mind that due to compliance reasons and anti-money laundering policies, JackPoker takes verification process for withdrawals very seriously. Thus, they might require to verify your documents such as address, country of residence and other personal data before processing any withdrawal on your behalf. You also need to send a picture of your ID and they may also ask for a source of your wealth.