Up to 40%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 24h - 72h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL1000

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DBG Poker Rakeback Deal

ItalyPokerDeals is offering a flat 50% DBG Poker rakeback deal. Rakeback will be paid on a monthly basis, around the 15th of each month for your activity from the previous month. DBG rakeback amount will be paid to your Skrill or Neteller account.

Please be aware that a DBG Poker month means the timeframe between the last Sundays of 2 consecutive calendar months. After the last Sunday of the month, all balances are withdrawn from the players' account to the agency for the calculation period and withdrawals requests and processing. This usually takes between 1-3 days, in which the games are not available.

DBG Poker Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)


Direct cashier is not available, all transactions are made via ItalyPokerDeals, as follows:


DBG Poker Deposit

You need to send the money you want to deposit to one of our EUR Skrill or Neteller ewallets and we will credit your DBG Poker account.


DBG Poker Withdrawals


You can request one DBG Poker withdrawal per month and you must inform us before the last Sunday of the month. Your Dollaro withdrawal will be paid around the 15th of the following month.

DBG Poker Traffic and Games Overview

During the peak times there are above 10.000 online players in Dollaro Poker Network and DBG Poker has access to all tables in the network.

Dollaro is the most wanted network of the moment, offering the softest games in online poker and high traffic at both NLHE and PLO tables.

In case of Holdem, the highest stakes offered are to $200/$400 but games at these levels are running from time to time only, but you can play every day up to $25/$50.

In case of Omaga, the highest tables offered are $5/$10, with games running every day.

DBG Poker Rake Strcture

Dollaro Poker Network is using Weighted Contributed rake method.


Here is the rake structure of Dollaro Poker Network games:


Stakes Rake Rake Cap (maximum rake)
€0.01/€0.02 - €2.00/€4.00 5% €5.50
€3.00/€6.00 and above 7.5% €7.50


Dollaro Poker charges 5% of the pots on the poker tables up to €2.00/€4.00, capped at €5, and 7.5% above €2.00/€4.00 games, capped at €7.5.

The rake structure of WinBetH24 (Dollaro network) is a little bit higher, mostly because of the caps, than the average structure of Italian poker networks, but this is compensated by the softness of the games and by the Dollaro rakeback deal you get from ItalyPokerDeals.

DBG Poker Tracking and Software Features

DBG Poker Trackers Support

In order for Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker to import DBG Poker hands history, a hand grabber is required. A hand grabber is a software which extracts hand history from the poker tables and converts it in a format that trackers can read.


DBG Poker Software Features

DBG lobby and poker tables are accessible from your browser since there is no downloadable client available in Dollaro Network.

The software is offering the basic features but, as expected, the browser version is not as advanced and user friendly like a downloadable client.


Account Type, Registration, Valdiation and Use

DBG Poker is not asking real data information and all accounts are generated in our agency and provided by ItalyPokerDeals.

At the moment, DBG Poker is accepting customers from all over the world.

DBG Poker Review

DBG Poker is the main skin of Dollaro Network which is well known as the softest Italian based network.

DBG is also offering sports betting and casino services. The website's primary language is Italian because the first market this network targeted was Italy.