CoinPoker Rakeback Deal

By signing up through ItalyPokerDeals, you earn the following Coin Poker rakeback deal:

- Safe Access to the largest crypto poker room with soft cash games

- 30% flat CoinPoker rakeback paid weekly, every Monday into your account

- CoinPoker promotions: Bad Beat JackPot and weekly cash game leaderboards

- Exclusive benefits offered by ItalyPokerDeals

While not running a traditional VIP system, players who sign up through ItalyPokerDeals will earn a flat 30% Coin Poker rakeback paid every Monday into their accounts, in CHP crypto currency. Please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss the specifics and details at skype ID: italy_pkr

To be eligible to earn Coin Poker rakeback, players need to hold a non-zero CHP account balance.


CoinPoker Cashier (Deposit and withdrawal methods)

CoinPoker is a very good option for those who are already familiar with the crypto poker rooms and look for alternative places to play online which offer soft field opportunities. Given that payments are processed with cryptocurrencies which don’t maintain a steady value, you should also be comfortable with price swings and the general advice is to cash out winnings more frequently.

When it comes to CoinPoker, the crypto poker room offers several cryptocurrencies to choose from when making transactions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT stable coin (which matches the value of the dollar) and CHP (CoinPoker’s own proprietary currency). It is worth mentioning that regardless of the currency chosen for making a deposit, the funds will be automatically converted into CHP, the currency used by CoinPoker to join the tables for your preferred games.

Unlike other traditional sites, the crypto poker room does not offer players any incentive for making their initial deposit through welcome bonuses. However, when using a crypto wallet to fund your account, CoinPoker does not charge you any fees nor does it require a minimum amount for deposits. Money is credited directly into your account instantly so that you can join the tables right away.

In spite of the lack of fees for deposits, withdrawals are charged with a fixed amount or a percentage, depending on the cashout method chosen. At first glance, it seems that the cheapest option to get your money out of CoinPoker is to cashout via USDT where you are charged with a fixed fee per withdrawal. Also, many crypto exchanges do not allow to directly cashout via CHP. 

You should take into account though that in order to minimize cashout fees and reduce the volatility of crypto assets using USDT, you are still charged for converting CHP into USDT with 5% by the site so that eventually there is no free lunch. Getting in touch with ItalyPokerDeals support team will help you find the best ways to optimize your expenses when making transactions at CoinPoker. 


CoinPoker CHP Token

According to our Coin Poker review, the CHP token used to access the games on the client was sold to early investors in a pre-ICO (initial coin offering) in 2017, which was followed by the real ICO in early 2018. All the real money games at CoinPoker were therefore denominated in CHP. 

Being built as an in-house digital currency, the CHP token relies on the Ethereum blockchain technology given that the CoinPoker team complied with the Ethereum rules for tokenization. Despite the method chosen for making a deposit, the real value of the funds held into your account depends on the CHP price swings, which may even lead to permanent capital losses.

For instance, since May 2018 when CHP was valued at 0.15$, the cryptocurrency lost more than 95% of its value, before regaining two thirds of its value starting with 2021. Thus, your playing bankroll is not only subject to the card shuffle variation, but also to the volatility of the CHP currency.


CoinPoker Traffic and Games Overview

CoinPoker was initially launched in 2017, offering only play money games at the start. After being endorsed by the famous player Tony G, it became more popular and started to offer real money games in CHP as of 2018. Suddenly, CoinPoker began to gain some traffic, gathering between 20 and 30 players for cash games. The traffic spiked in 2020, but it seemed to be only a temporary bump.

Afterwards, CoinPoker gained some momentum in 2022 when the average traffic hit the 100 figure. With fast processing of transactions, a rapidly growing user base and juicier than average playing field, CoinPoker is likely to expand and establish itself as the leading crypto poker room.

As of now, according to Pokerscout, based on traffic data provided by the networks, CoinPoker hosts an average of 120 players online, most of them being cash games players, with more than 200 connections at peak hours during European evenings. With an overall traffic decrease for online cash games, CoinPoker is a good diversifier for those seeking for better than average playing fields.

Most of the cash games are played at micro at small stakes No Limit Holdem tables. You can also find some action at Pot Limit Omaha, with Open Face Chinese Pineapple being a nice add on. You should know that there are no full ring tables, so you can find a maximum of 6 players seated at the tables. 

While not offering traditional Sit & Go’s, CoinPoker runs its own version of lottery SNGs called Cosmic Spins, with entry buy-ins ranging from 1$ up to $10 and a multiplier up to 1,000x for the winner. If the multiplier is only 20x or less, only the winner will be rewarded. Otherwise, other players seated at the table will also receive a consolation prize consisting of 10% of the prize pool. 

According to our Coin Poker review, the crypto poker room also hosts multi table tournaments with different entry buy-ins, mostly played in No Limit Texas Holdem format. Most of them offer rebuys but you can also find a few freezeout MTTs. The tournaments are named after astronomical phenomena, like the Red Moon, Neptune or the Milky Way. 

During the weekends you can find larger tournaments like the Sunday Special, with 12,000 USDT guaranteed prizes and an entry buy-in of 200$. Saturday Freezout Special takes place every Saturday, having a prize pool of 10,000$ and an entry buy-in of 500$. Big Bang is a 3,000$ GTD tournament with an entry buy-in of 150$. Perhaps the most exciting MTT at CoinPoker is the Highroller Special.

Occasionally, CoinPoker also hosts a small series called the crypto series of poker. The latest one from 2022 had more than 90,000$ guaranteed prizes with 20 tournaments scheduled at the start.


CoinPoker Rake Structure

The rake charged by CoinPoker is called community contributions and the formula used is weighted contributed rake method, with no rake being charged preflop. If players have CHP on their balance, contributions will be deducted in CHP and contributions paid in USDT will be returned to users’ balance. The rake charged by CoinPoker varies depending on the games played as follows:

  • 4% for cash games 
  • 7% for tournaments
  • 2% for Open Face Chinese
  • 5% for Cosmic Spins

For cash games there are several rake caps, ranging from 0.12$ up to 1.5$. 


CoinPoker Tracking, software features, account access and details

Coin Poker uses a downloadable client provided by TGLab, which is also used by TonyBet Poker, the other online gaming operator connected to the famous poker player Tony G. The software is compatible with both Windows and MAC desktop versions and is available through mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

The main lobby can be used to select your preferred games and customize the visual settings by choosing custom graphics, table backgrounds and card styles. It also offers advanced options such as auto-rebuy, chat or auto-muck losing hands. You are allowed to tile tables and can play up to 6 tables simultaneously when registering at MTTs, but in regular cash games you have around 15 seconds to act, with a 60 seconds timebank that can be activated every 50 hands. 

You are also allowed to take notes on your opponents and even use colors to tag them as regular or recreational players. While there is no preferred seat feature, you are allowed to move your position at the table. Hand history display is also available in both graphical representation and text based. However, CoinPoker prohibits the usage of any third parties software such as poker trackers and therefore you cannot use the HUD at the tables. Hand converters are also prohibited, risking a ban.

When it comes to restricted territories, Coin Poker’s terms and conditions stipulate that it’s the user’s own responsibility to check whether he is fully compliant with his national gambling legislation. In this respect, CoinPoker does not prohibit users from any country, but playing at the crypto poker room may be in a gray area to decide whether this is legal or not. So each one has to decide for himself after assessing the legislative risks and potential rewards of playing at CoinPoker.


CoinPoker’s Decentralized RNG for card shuffling

CoinPoker prides itself with using a unique decentralized cards shuffling feature which helps players identify whether the cards have been dealt in a provably fair way. Therefore the random number generator offered by CoinPoker is verified by the players who enter phrases that become part of the algorithm. While this may boost transparency, it does not mean the games are reliable.

Based on our Coin Poker review, more or less all major poker sites provide RNG certification to avoid any unreliable card shuffling. However, the biggest threats to a fair online gaming environment are still the super users, bots and collusion which are harder to identify and remove from the games.


Coin Poker Bonuses

Unlike most online gaming operators, CoinPoker does not offer any welcome bonuses for initial depositors, but new players can join a dozen of freerolls after registering their account at the crypto poker room and thus can build their bankroll from scratch by earning guaranteed prizes.

Regular players are also rewarded by earning different other bonuses via Coin Poker promotions.


Coin Poker Promotions

Besides the 30% flat Coin Poker rakeback deal that players receive on a weekly basis after signing up through ItalyPokerDeals, they also have the chance to harvest additional benefits through Coin Poker promotions:

  • Freerolls
  • Winter Beater Series
  • Sunday Special High Roller
  • Monthly Tournament Leaderboard
  • Weekly Cash Game Leaderboard
  • Bad Beat JackPot
  • Cosmic Spins
  • Crypto Series of Online Poker

Freeroll Tournaments

Flyby Freebuy Satellite tournaments are listed daily in the lobby and are available to join for free but you can rebuy or add-on in these hyper-turbo MTTs. They can be used by beginners with no real money who want to earn higher value tournament tickets and earn higher prizes. 

Bad Beat Jackpot

To be eligible to win the bad beat jackpot, at least three players need to be dealt into the hand, the winning and losing hands must reach the showdown and both hole cards must be used to form the final hand. For NLHE you need to reach the showdown with AAAKK or better and 5% of the rake goes to the jackpot. To enhance games fairness, CoinPoker rewards users depending on the stakes played. 


Weekly Cash Game Leaderboard

The cash game leaderboard is used to reward the most active users with weekly prizes. The prize pool is split into NLHE and PLO cash tables. Players paying community contributions in CHP will be granted 50% more leaderboard points. Thus, they are incentivized to convert USDT into CHP.


Coin Poker Review

CoinPoker is a crypto poker room that was launched in 2017, offering play money games and then added CHP (its own proprietary cryptocurrency based on Ethereum) to be used for real money games since 2018. It became popular after being endorsed by famous player Tony G and it prides itself in offering the first blockchain based RNG in the industry, offering a low rake for cash games.

The main advantages offered are the fast payments for those familiar with cryptocurrencies, as well as the flat rakeback for regulars and soft playing field. Here you can find plenty of weak recreational players from the US, Canada or Australia. The good news is that the software is fully compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices. The lack of restrictions also creates player pool diversity.

There are also disadvantages with playing at CoinPoker. To name just a few, poker trackers are not supported, therefore you are not allowed to use the HUD at the tables or any hand converters. The lack of traditional payment methods may lead to significant price swings, without being able to retain a steady value of your real money. Players will probably also not enjoy the lack of welcome bonuses for making their initial deposit.There are also no full ring tables or normal SNGs. Last, but not the least, the traffic is rather on the lower side, with slightly above 100 connections on average.



All in all, CoinPoker is a rather sophisticated crypto poker room which integrates TonyBet Poker’s software for all devices, focusing on creating a nice playing field for those who prefer non-mainstream sites. According to our Coin Poker review, we believe they are a well established brand, offering a good choice for those seeking to exploit weaker opponents in a competitive environment.