Up to 65%

  • Rakeback Date: Weekly
  • Rakeback Payment: Poker Account
  • Rake Method: Weighted Contributed
  • Cashout Duration: 1h - 48h
  • Cashout Payment: Via ItalyPokerDeals
  • Trackers Support: Yes
  • High Stakes Action: Up to NL10000

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ClubGG Rakeback Deal

ClubGG Poker Rakeback Deal

If you register through us, you will benefit from the following ClubGG Poker rakeback deal:

  • Safe access to one of the most recently launched poker apps backed by the GGPoker brand
  • Private rakeback deals provided by ItalyPokerDeals when joining our clubs

As you probably already know, mobile poker apps are trending right now in the industry, due to the fact that they are found to be more exciting by amateur players who can join them using one hand from their mobile devices and have fun at the tables. Since they are created as social gaming apps, they don't officially offer real money games. Therefore, all the settlement takes place behind the scenes, where chips are exchanged into real money using agents who act as a liaison with the clubs.

Having said this, it is pretty obvious that, unlike traditional mainstream operators, ClubGGPoker does not offer any VIP system to reward loyal players. However, since ItalyPokerDeals acts as a trusted agent, providing safe access for players worldwide to the most reliable clubs, you can benefit from our exclusive ClubGG Poker rakeback deals, which will be disclosed to you by our support via Skype ID: ITALY_PKR.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to protect and improve the poker ecology of the player pool, game hosts can also add a VPIP restriction to protect casual players and raise the fish-to-regulars ratio. Therefore, players who don't follow this criteria might be banned from the club. Of course, such rules are purely discretionary and are established by the club admin and communicated to all players.

According to our ClubGG Poker review, anyone can create their own clubs since this is a social gaming platform that acts as a gateway for real money games solely due to the effort of intermediaries who make the accounting sessions weekly and establish the exchange rate for the value of chips. To create your own club and host play money games, you need to choose a name and an avatar, then confirm the club creation, and the ID will be displayed. Afterwards, you may create new tables, then choose the game format and set up all the details such as blinds, ante, rake, buy-in, action time, etc.

Clubs Information

Names of clubs Union Club ID 1 CHIP
Cream UTG UTG 603494 $0.9
Royal gamble donkey union 511730 $0.95
King Deuce donkey union 560647 $0.85
Turkey time   689911 1 ILS
Gambol   689911 $0.97
Avatar   229801 $1
Apocalypse   872163 $1
Mediterrane Club private 611946 1 ILS
India Dubai (PAUSED) kohinoor union 520833 $1
Vdara The Strip 440417 1 ILS
VIPgames Private 536950 1$
MaD HaHTTer (PAUSED) Wonderland 472174 0.9 ILS
Taj Mahal (PAUSED) private 453916 0.9 INR
Dolphins (PAUSED) jumanji 439855 $1
Turbulence (PAUSED) private 378604 $1
HS House private 698216 1 CHF
Melisgame private 903982 $1
Chinese Dynasty Club (PAUSED) Rake2High 218871 1 TWD
5card4life private 406597 $0.9
Rake2win Rake2High 720403 1 TWD
Club Deuces Private 513031 $0.97
Shia LeBluff (Stopped) Massive poker union 517248 $0.9
Chubbies   113505 $0.9
Downtown Dubai Private 877837 1 AED
Bull run Olympus 886048 1
Catch 22 UPU 324458 0.9 USD
AmericanPride World Poker 365 966961 1$
Mr President World Poker 365 502005 1 USD

ClubGG Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

Being a social gaming platform, ClubGGPoker doesn’t have direct cashier. Thus, all financial transactions will be handled by IPD, as your trusted agent, on your behalf. For deposits and withdrawals we accept popular eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller as well as Bitcoin and USDT cryptocurrencies. Regarding the available payment methods you should get in touch with us.

ClubGG Traffic and Games Overview

ClubGG Poker - Traffic and Games Overview

As previously mentioned, ClubGGPoker is one of the most recently launched apps and being backed by the famous and reputable brand GGPoker, it has all the chances for its traffic to boost a lot in the future. However, being a brand new app, we can only speculate right now regarding its expansion.

It is worth noting though that ClubGGPoker plans to offer the following games:

  • No Limit Texas Holdem and Omaha cash games
  • Short Deck Variant
  • Open Face Chinese Poker
  • MTTs (Multi-Table Tournaments)

We should emphasize that regardless of the overall traffic on this platform, what matters the most is the player pool of your selected clubs, given that each one hosts its own private games. The good thing is that most likely you will have plenty of options and good action most of the time, as the GGPoker brand is right now the biggest one in the online poker industry, surpassing even the giant old PokerStars.

ClubGG Rake Structure

ClubGG Poker - Rake Structure

ClubGGPoker uses a weighted contributed rake formula, with a rake percentage between 3% and 5% and a rake cap from up to 3BB to unlimited (no cap games). The host of each club has the freedom to schedule the rake for his own tables.

Overall, we consider the rake schedule as being pretty fair, except for the no cap games which deserve special attention. The model was previously used by GGPoker for PLO cash games, but afterwards it was changed into a regular structure with rake caps.

Having said this, by registering through ItalyPokerDeals you not only receive the guaranteed safety of the games but earn your share from the gross rake through our private ClubGG Poker rakeback deals.

ClubGG Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

ClubGG Poker - Platform Details

According to Paul Burke, the head of marketing operations for GGPoker brand, ClubGGPoker was introduced to add a home game feature which was missing in the GGPoker app. This means that there will be a decentralized play money platform where you can create your own clubs, which may join into unions or alliances in order to create a better user experience for casual players worldwide.

Given that GGClubPoker is backed by the famous GGPoker brand, the social gaming app resembles GGNetwork mobile client design, everyone noticing the similarities between them. This is due to the fact that the app was developed by NSUS Ltd, GGPoker’s parent company. Similar to other mobile apps, the table layout is also vertical, allowing players to multi-table up to 4 tables at once. You can easily swipe between them since the gameplay and animations are running smoothly. The only feature which seems pretty annoying for regular players is the placement of emojis which may cover your hole cards a bit from time to time. On the other hand, this might be exciting for amateurs.

Although GGClubPoker has been designed as a play money platform, being an unlicensed gambling operator, the fairness of the games has been proven not only due to the association with the GGPoker brand, but also given that the RNG has been certified by BMM Testlabs, founding that the cards shuffling is random. Moreover, any bots or third-party software are strictly prohibited.

The software is supported by Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App store. From the client, you can buy diamonds via shop, check your inbox, access the main lobby, filter your games and clubs, and update your profile. There are standard buttons for betting and a vertical slider, as well as a numeric pad to change the amount or go all-in.

As previously mentioned, all third-party software is restricted, given the strict GGNetwork policy against trackers, which was implemented to protect casual players from being targeted by sharks. Thus, you cannot use HUD at the tables through Holdem Manager or PokerTracker, while VPN is not required to hide your current location since you are free to join from any place in the world. This is the most exciting news for those living in gray areas or where online poker is prohibited due to gambling legislation. Mobile poker apps are a new traffic stream for the whole gaming industry. With these prerequisites, ClubGGPoker has all the chances to compete with PPPoker, UPoker, or PokerBros.

ClubGGPoker Bonuses

ClubGGPoker is an online social gaming platform used for play money. Therefore, any monetary value is assigned solely by the host of each club, who can discretionary set its own rules. Given this, it doesn’t offer any kind of welcome bonuses since all you receive are play money chips. The players can buy diamonds using the client, but all the real money rewards come from the agent. In this respect, by joining our clubs, you will benefit from exclusive flat ClubGGPoker rakeback deals.

ClubGGPoker Promotions

Same as with welcome bonuses, there are no official promotions offered for private games within each club. All the private deals are available via the agent and if you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to check the latest deals and clubs at skype ID: italy_pkr.

ClubGG Review

ClubGG Poker Platform Review

In 2021, GGPoker announced the launch of a standalone mobile poker platform called ClubGG to compete with its rivals like PPPoker, UPoker, Pokerbros in the social poker apps market. A good reason for this is due to the fact that, regardless of GGPoker being the biggest brand in the world right now, there are still plenty of restricted countries and jurisdictions where licensed operators are not legally allowed to be available. In this way, the private club-based apps market is going to fill this gap.

As compared with other mobile poker apps, ClubGG has the advantage of being backed by the GGPoker brand and developed by GGNetwork company NSUS Ltd, offering the cutting edge software technology of the mother company. While this is exciting for amateurs joining the app worldwide, grinders can also benefit from the multi-tabling capacity of up to 4 tables while playing against weak recreational players and increase their win rate.

On top of this, those who are living in gray areas benefit the most, given the lack of options in segregated markets. They not only benefit from the softer playing fields, but also enjoy the traffic boost of poker apps and ItalyPokerDeals’ ClubGG poker rakeback.

According to our ClubGG poker review, the social gaming app is governed by the laws of Hong Kong and is available for players worldwide using iOS and Android mobile devices. Right now, ClubGGPoker has all the chances to revolutionize the private clubs based market, surpassing other rivals like PPPoker, PokerBros, and UPoker, given that it is backed by GGPoker, which also surpassed PokerStars.

Another advantage is the safe access to a soft playing field provided by ItalyPokerDeals, together with the outstanding private ClubGG poker rakeback deals we provide. There are also downsides when it comes to ClubGGPoker, consisting of the fact that it is a brand new app which still lacks traffic and needs to prove its competitiveness. Moreover, some may find the software pretty annoying, due to the presence of too many emojis and the vertical tables design.

Last but not least, grinders who are used to licensed websites and enjoy using the HUD at the tables to better exploit their opponents might not love the idea that all third-party software is strictly prohibited at ClubGG.

ClubGG Conclusion

ClubGG Poker Review

All in all, based on our ClubGG poker review, we believe the brand new app is not a one size fits all solution. It might prove to be the winner of the mobile poker apps market for those familiar with social gaming platforms, but there is no guarantee it will have the same success as the GGPoker brand.

We strongly recommend ClubGG poker app to all players who are willing to take the extra risks and complexities of playing in an unregulated market against amateurs, especially if they come from restricted territories where online poker is prohibited or they are high stakes grinders who may feel that traditional poker sites are too tough and would like to get an extra edge on opponents.

On the other hand, we consider ClubGGPoker may not be the best option for those who enjoy playing on traditional poker sites and who have better alternatives in their country of residence, especially if they are micro stakes grinders where it isn't worth the hassle to install a poker app. Those should be better served to focus on improving their game instead of chasing an extra return.

Last but not the least, those who would like to exploit their opponents using real-time statistics should find other places to grind since trackers are not accepted at ClubGG. Having said this, we provide safe access to this soft playing field with the best ClubGG poker rakeback deals.

Right now, based on our ClubGG poker review, we cannot make any comments regarding the future development of this platform and the potential expansion and huge traffic boost vs PPPoker, UPoker, or PokerBros. Should you have further questions or need additional details regarding the ClubGG poker app or social gaming platforms in general, don’t hesitate to contact us using Skype ID: ITALY_PKR.