Up to 50%

BetKings Poker Rakeback Deal

ItalyPokerDeals provides access to GG Network by offering the most exciting BetKings Poker rakeback deal:

- Welcome Bonus – 200% up to $1,000 or $100 in rewards

- Up to 60% flat rakeback through the GGPoker Fish Buffet rewards VIP program

- Rush & Cash Daily $25,000 leaderboard 

GGPoker Fish Buffett VIP Rewards Program

Once you register your account at Betkings, you will take part into GGPoker Fish Buffet VIP system, which rewards cash games and tournament participants who paid rake with cash prizes. Thus, they earn 100 Fish Buffet points for every $1 paid in rake throughout the game. Of course, the more they play, the more points they receive so that they can earn higher rewards. This is in theory, but the devil lies in the details, because due to the PVI rake method, you might get less points, given that a winning player who crushes the tables is rewarded with less FB points on average than a casual one.

It is worth noting that even though it might look a little bit overwhelming at first glance, there is a total number of 25 ranks for the 7 VIP Levels: Plankton, Goldfish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Whale and Shark. You start with the lowest VIP level – Plankton, where you are running the wheel to collect the rewards and get an average cashback of 15% and then climb the VIP ladder depending on how manyFish Buffet points you  acquire throughout the month, according to our BetKings Poker review.

Every VIP rank allows competitors to spin the wheel in exchange for the cash rewards or offers them a flat rakeback instead. There are only 4 VIP ranks where you get a weekly payout consisting of flat cashback: Black Fish – 20%, Black Octopus – 35%, Black Whale – 50% and Black Shark – 60%.

Although the highest flat rakeback through the Fish Buffet VIP system is 60%, there are ways for participants to earn even 100% rakeback by running the wheel if they get lucky. Thus, if you reached Shark VIP level you have about 22.5% odds to earn 100% rakeback when running the wheel. Of course, this doesn’t mean that on average you will ever get above 60%, thus we consider that being the appropriate benchmark to be considered by grinders.

If for whatever reasons you miss any wheel spins, they will be automatically opened and any rewards will be credited into your Betkings Poker account. However, if you fail to acquire the required FB points in due time, you won’t be able to reach the new level and you will only get 10% rakeback on any unused points. Thus, you need to follow your progress and set up milestones.

As mentioned above, there are 4 Black Ranks which allows you to earn flat rakeback instead of a volatile cashback through wheel spins. Once you have climbed above them you can always switch to a lower Black rank if you prefer flat rakeback and not being constrained by any time limit. You can preserve your status for one year while you always have the option to switch back to the regular GGPoker Fish Buffet VIP system, based on ItalyPokerDeals Betkings Poker review.


BetKings Poker Cashier (Deposit and withdrawal methods)

Betkings offers direct cashier which can be easily accessed from the client. As compared to other operators, it does not charge any cashout fee for withdrawals which are processed in due time. When it comes to payment methods, Betkings offers a multitude of deposit and withdrawal methods, such as Visa and Mastercard debit cards, Neteller, Skrill and ecoPayz e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

The average withdrawal time is about 2 working days but accounts are pending verification prior to any cashouts due to compliance reasons (you may need to provide proof of address and ID). Being part of the fastest growing online poker network, your bankroll is in good hands at Betkings. 

While the minimum deposit amount is only $10, you need to deposit twice that amount if you want to also be eligible to earn the welcome bonus which can be claimed within the first 60 days. When it comes to withdrawals, they are usually capped at $5,000, but for debit cards the cap is just $1,500.


Betkings Poker Traffic and Games Overview

Being part of the Asian friendly GG Network, BetKings shares the same player pool which is massive for both cash games and MTTs. Even though the peak hours at GGPoker are usually during Asian evenings, given that the player pool is so large, you can find plenty of action all the time.

According to Pokerscout, GG Network stands on the 1st place in the latest online poker sites traffic report, surpassing the giant brand Pokerstars by a large margin. For instance, as of now, Pokerstars hosts more than 50,000 players online in all game formats, whereas GG Network has about 200,000 active users. If that is not impressive, especially in such a competitive gaming environment as today, I don’t know what else to say. We can also take a look at the data for cash games. Right now, around 4,000 users are raking for Pokerstars, while almost twice that amount rather grinds on GGPoker.

This is rather the rule than the exception if we compare average numbers throughout the week, where the margin is even increasing in the favor of GGPoker, which surpasses the 9,000 benchmark during peak hours, whereas Pokerstars keeps struggling at around 6,000 active users.

Betkings offers a wide range of game variants such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, MTTs and SNGs. Due to their impressive traffic as compared to their counterparts, they provide the biggest guaranteed prizes for tournaments in the online poker industry, such as millionaire tournaments series. 

Our Betkings Poker review shows that the numbers for cash games are really impressing at GGPoker:

- micro stakes – starting with NL10 you can find plenty of tables, regardless of your preferred game, either No Limit Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, thus allowing regulars to multitable and grind for earning higher BetKings Poker rakeback; at these levels not only you can find more than 20 tables during peak hours but the games softness allows you to compete against weak Asian opponents

- mid stakes – here you can still find enough tables up to NL200, most of the action taking place at No Limit Holdem tables, but there is some Omaha action as well; with decent volume this is the best place to maximize your BetKings Poker rakeback, because you can still multi-table at GGPoker as compared to other poker rates where the traffic does not allow for massive grinding

- high stakes – due to the fact that GGPoker has the highest traffic for cash games online, you can still find some high stakes action at BetKings as well, up to $5,000 for NL tables and up to $800 for PL Omaha; please keep in mind that once you hit the Black Sharp VIP level you already earn the highest Betkings Poker rakeback of 60%, regardless of how much you play; from that level it makes sense to focus on the quality of your game to better exploit your opponents who are tougher at these stakes.

Rush and Cash fast-fold games are available from NL10 up to NL100 while heads up tables are not available at Betkings. Most action takes place at 6-max Texas Holdem tables.

GGPoker continues to expand due to its aggrewsive marketing strategy offering plenty of daily guaranteed tournaments in different formats, freezouts or bounty events for different bankrolls, either freerolls or buy-ins ranging from $1 to $5,000 with millions of dollars in guaranteed prizes.

While there are no regular SNGs at Betkings Poker, you can still play their Spin & Gold variant of spins, with stakes beginning with $0,2 up to $200 and maximum payout of $1 million. If you enjoy the super turbo fast games, then you can try your luck with All-in or Fold game format, where you can either go all in or fold at the beginning of each hand. Winners can also earn extra rewards from the jackpot, by hitting a straight flush in Texas Holdem or Royal Flush in Omaha.


GG Network Rake Structure

Since Betkings is part of GGPoker Network, it uses the same rake method called PVI (player value index). The formula was designed to improve the poker ecology of the network so that it rewards more the losers and less the winners. In this respect, for the same amount of real rake generated, winning players will exhibit lower PVI rake amounts, while losers higher numbers.

The PVI formula might also take into account the number of deposits and withdrawals since usually weak players make more deposits and are more profitable for the poker room. Thus, usually the PVI coefficient will be below 1 for regulars and above that for casual players. The lack of transparency with how this formula is designed might seem frustrating for grinders who are used with weighted contributed rake method. Moreover, GGPoker also charges preflop rake as compared to other sites.

Our BetKings Poker review shows that GGPoker network and BetKings have the same rake structure, which is 5% for No Limit Texas Holdem cash games, with different caps for the stakes played. It is quite intriguing that caps are increasing pretty brutal at higher stakes, from 0.5 to 2 big blinds. Omaha players are paying only 3% rake but with no rake cap. Tournament fees are about 10%, close to the industry average, whereas Spin and Gold fees are 7%. All in and Fold games are charged with a fixed fee per hand and half of it goes to the jackpot.


Betkings Poker Tracking, software features, account access and details

BetKings Poker uses the same software created for GG Network by NSUS Ltd, which is visually appealing and one of the best available on the market with plenty of interesting features for both regulars and beginners such as Run it Twice, hand insurance, emoji chat, optional straddle or fully integrated social media. Betkings Poker also offers and unique feature of staking so that you can buy or sell your action at the tables directly through the client. 

The main lobby also offers details about the ongoing BetKings Poker promotions. Multi-tabling is easy and hands are displayed with four color deck. However, in order to protect casual tables, GGPoker does not allow the usage of any third parties software. Therefore, you cannot use any trackers such as Holdem Manager or PokerTracker to display your HUD at the tables, nor can you install a hands converter instead. The good thing is that you can still easily exploit weak opponents.

The poker client can be downloaded on Windows and MAC operating systems and is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. To avoid any speculation and to improve the reliability of the GG Network, the software RNG was also certified by BMM Testlabs, confirming the games fairness.


BetKings Poker Bonuses

After the initial deposit of at least $20, you can choose from the following BetKings Poker bonuses:

  • 200% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus, matching your initial deposit and being released in $5 increments for every $20 paid in rake, accounting for 25% rakeback during 60 days
  • $100 instant bonus - $65 is awarded in free tickets with no other requirements while the other $35 must be unlocked by clearing a $20 bonus and completing some daily challenges in the first 6 days after registration to receive a $15 GG Masters ticket

You can opt between the two welcome bonuses. In our humble opinion, the $100 instant bonus is more rewarding for those who make smaller deposits while the $1,000 first deposit bonus is actually designed for grinders. If you’re wondering why BetKings Poker offers higher welcome bonuses than the flagship GGPoker, the reason is because they need extra incentives to attract grinders worldwide, given that they share the same player pool with GGPoker.


BetKings Poker Promotions

Speaking about BetKings Poker Promotions, you can notice from their website that there are plenty of them depending on each one’s preferences. To name just a few:

- Platinum Monthly Quest

- Road to WSOP Europe

- Omaholic Series

- GG Daily Freebie

- Battle Royal

- Must Win Jackpots

- Rush & Cash Daily Leaderboard

I suppose that the most exciting from all BetKings Poker promotions is Rush & Cash $25,000 Daily Leaderboard, which rewards No Limit Texas Holdem active users with $15,200 every single day, whereas Omaha participants split their share of $9,800. For NL tables, top 60 players are rewarded. Only those who join the fast-fold poker variant named Rush&Cash are eligible to participate.


BetKings Poker Review

BetKings Poker was launched in 2015 as part of the Italian The Hive Network, becoming one of the main GGPoker skins since 2017, which is currently the fastest growing network in the world, surpassing the giant Pokerstars in both cash games and MTTs traffic, with 200,000 users online. 

Besides the fact that it hosts many Asian fish and other weak recreational players as other GGPoker skins, BetKings also attracts plenty of regulars due to its massive rewards and benefits: huge welcome bonus and flat rakeback for grinders, as well as amazing BetKings Poker promotions.

Tournament players can enjoy the highest guaranteed prizes in online poker, Betkings having an impressive MTT offering. They have also partnered with global brands such as WSOP and WPT, holding yearly events where winners are rewarded with bracelets and rings. 

The most exciting part about Betkings Poker is that although it is a smaller skin of the GG Network, being licensed in Curacao and focused in targeting European players, you have access to the largest player pool in the world, competing with weak amateur opponents while harvesting huge bonuses and earning the highest BetKingsPoker rakeback available through ItalyPokerDeals.

Due to gambling restrictions, players from the following territories are not allowed to join BetKings:

Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Marshall Islands, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and others

If you need extra details regarding registration or would like to retag your old BetKings Poker account, please get in touch with our customer support team at skype ID: italy_pkr



To sum up, BetKings combines the cutting edge software of GGPoker with its unique welcome bonuses, allowing you to earn up to 60% BetKingsPoker rakeback while playing against the largest and one of the weakest player pools in online poker, Asian fish allowing to increase your winrate. 

The only disadvantages for grinders worldwide are the lack of heads up tables as well as the prohibition of any third parties software, which doesn’t allow them to configure and use the HUD at the tables to have access to statistics which may help for better exploiting your opponents.

However, with such an amazing traffic for both cash games and tournaments, with such incredible bonuses and rewards, according to our BetKings Poker review, this is one of the smartest ways to combine the weak player pool with one of the highest VIP rakeback systems in online poker today.

If you decide to start playing at BetKings, you will also enjoy the exciting and rewarding BetKings Poker promotions, no matter if you are a tournament or a cash lover. Texas Holdem and Omaha players can win their share of the $25,000 Rush & Cash daily leaderboard cash prizes, helping you maximize your overall BetKings Poker rakeback.