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Betfair Poker Rakeback Deal

If you sign up with ItalyPokerDeals, you will benefit from the following Betfair Poker rakeback deal:

- €40 in free tournament tickets after you sign up

- 35% flat rakeback boosted to the highest VIP level using old weighted contributed rake

- €50,000 Twister Races

- €30,000 Exclusive Monthly Rake Race provided by ItalyPokerDeals

Betfairs offers a VIP loyalty system consisting of 3 different VIP levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. By default, new players start with the Bronze level, regardless of their initial bankroll. Throughout their play, they earn 25 status points for every €1 paid in rake. Once they collect 1,250 status points within one month, they reach the next level, Silver. Afterwards, they can also reach the next one, Gold, if they manage to collect 12,500 status points. Points are automatically exchanged for cash.

Having said this, you should completely disregard the above VIP loyalty system if you open your account at Betfair through ItalyPokerDeals. Why is that? Because we will automatically boost your VIP status to Gold and thus help you earn a flat 35% monthly Betfair Poker rakeback, regardless of your rake amount throughout the month. If this doesn’t sound good, wait a little bit. Not only will you earn 35% flat rakeback, but you will do so from the actual weighted contributed rake method.

This means that if you translate these numbers into the source based rake formula, which has recently been introduced by iPoker network to better reward recreational players, you will actually earn even more rakeback, about 65% - 75% from source based rake amount. This is because when using SBR formula, some of your actual rake is deducted and transferred to casual players. In this way, the 35% flat Betfair Poker rakeback guarantees that you earn a fair amount of cashback.

Betfair Poker Cashier (Deposit and Withdrawal Methods)

Like most online poker operators, Betfair also offers direct cashier, meaning that you can make transactions on your own using their client. They offer a wide variety of payment methods, such as Wire Transfer, Visa or Mastercard debit cards, Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill or Neteller eWallets.

Your funds are safe and secure given the reputation Betfair has within the industry. Therefore, you should expect fast cashouts, which are usually processed within 24 hours for eWallets and a few business days for debit cards or wire transfer. Betfair does not charge any fees for transactions.


Betfair Poker Traffic and Games Overview

As part of the iPoker network, Betfair shares the same player pool with other skins such as Betsafe, Betsson, Red Star, Guts Poker or NordicBet. Having said this, we should also mention that the traffic of the network has increased significantly after the MPN closure when major brands have migrated to iPoker network, together with their player base, according to our Betfair Poker review.

Honestly speaking, iPoker is currently the 4th largest online poker network, surpassing popular brands like 888, Unibet or PartyPoker, being just behind the Pokerstars and the Asian facing  IDN and GGPoker networks. Actually, right now iPoker hosts a weekly average of 1,500 players online, with up to 3,000 during peak hours, usually during the European evenings and through the weekend.

The most popular games are Texas Holdem and Omaha cash played in 6-max format, with most of the action taking place at micro stakes, where you can find dozens of tables up to NL10. There is decent traffic up to NL100, but high stakes action which can be found up to NL1K is pretty rare. 

Omaha cash games and fast-fold poker variants are less popular, but still available as well. For instance, fast poker games can be found up to NL20. When it comes to SNGs, Spin and Go lottery tournaments are the most popular within the network. These are hyper turbo SNGs played in 3-max format with buy-ins ranging from €1 up to €100, where players can hit a multiplier up to 1,000x the initial buy-in and win massive cash prizes of up to €100,000 by hitting the jackpot. Of course, the probability is pretty thin to get the highest available multiplier, but you could still get lucky.

Betfair also hosts some exclusive Spins called Age of Gods, which are only played at low stakes: €1, €5 and €10. Here players start with 100 chips initial stacks and the blinds raise every 2 minutes. Besides the aforementioned multiplier applied for Spins, here there is an additional prize pool with prizes from €500 up to €100,000, where there are 4 additional jackpots which are offered randomly.

Being part of one of the largest online poker networks, Betfair also offers a solid MTT grid, with dozens of daily tournaments available for all buy-ins, starting from €1 up to €50, with guaranteed prizes up to €6,000. Most of them are available for low stakes, being very affordable also for casual players as well. It is pretty well known that iPoker tournaments are way softer than cash games.

During the weekend Betfair usually hosts special events with increased guaranteed prizes, such as The Sunday Premium, which has an entry buy-in of €50 and GTD prizes of €25,000.


Betfair Rake Structure

While iPoker uses the new source based rake method for redistributing rake to its casual players, the rake is still collected using the classical weighted contributed rake method. Due to the fact that by signing up with ItalyPokerDeals you get 35% flat Betfair Poker rakeback from weighted contributed rake, you are not affected at all by the Source Based rake method used by iPoker in general.

When it comes to the rake structure, it follows the same pattern as other iPoker skins. Therefore, cash games are charged with 5% rake in general, with the exception for micro stakes up to NL10 where the rake is 6.67%. The rake cap fluctuates between €0.5 and €4, depending on the limits and number of players at the table. Multi table tournaments have 10% fees while for Spins you pay 7%.


Betfair Poker Tracking, Software Features, Account Access and Details

As all other iPoker skins, Betfair uses a software which has been developed by Playtech and is easy to navigate, allowing you to set filters and select the games you want to play with a few clicks. As part of its ongoing campaign to focus on casual players, Betfair has removed some table selection options by removing waiting lists. Therefore you need to sit at the tables to check the nicknames.

However, as compared to other operators, Betfairs has not implemented the prohibition of third parties software, allowing poker trackers such as Holdem Manager to be used to collect statistics on your opponents and use HUD at the tables. This, combined with the multi-tabling capacity makes Betfair software still friendly for grinders, especially in this competitive online poker environment.

The latest version of the software was released in 2016, being designed in black color. However, players can customize themes and card decks based on their own preferences. The only restriction when using the HUD applies for fast-fold tables, where it can only be displayed at one table. Grinders can still focus on volume, being able to play up to 16 No Limit Texas Holdem tables simultaneously.

As compared to Unibet, where you cannot check the action at the tables until you sit, here you are allowed to see the games played in observer mode. The client can only be downloaded for the Windows desktop version, whereas for MAC, Android and iOS mobile devices you can play in the browser. The downsides are that there are no available mobile apps at the moment and by auto-mucking losing hands you cannot see the opponents playing cards and take relevant notes on your villains.

According to our Betfair Poker review, players from the following countries are prohibited to open an account at Betfair:  Belgium, Canada, China, Cuba, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Slovenia, South Africa, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey and USA. Moreover, besides the restrictions imposed by, other national gambling rules might prohibit you from joining Betfair. Suffice is to say that you would be better off to contact our support team at skype ID: italy_pkr prior to opening an account to check all the available restrictions and make sure you are fully compliant.


Betfair Poker Bonuses

While not offering a classical first deposit bonus, Betfair offers €40 free tickets for new players, as part of its welcome package. To be eligible to receive the tournament tickets you are not required to make any specific deposit, but you need to earn at least 50 status points. According to our Betfair Poker review, the tickets are awarded as follows:

- general tournament tickets: 1 ticket of €5, 3 tickets of €3, 3 tickets of €2

- Twister Spins: 1 ticket of €5, 3 tickets of €2, 4 tickets of €1

- Free Blinds: 50 tickets of €0.10

Please keep in mind that by signing up through us there is an ongoing 35% Betfair Poker rakeback.


Betfair Poker Promotions

Promotions are usually offered by poker rooms as incentives to attract more casual players. This could be the case for lottery spins offered by Betfair where amateurs get excited by the wheel and the random multiplier, hoping they can hit the jackpot and earn the massive €100,000 cash prize.

However, Twister Spins can also provide additional rewards for those who are more serious about the game. Every week players can share a prize pool of €12,500 by taking part in the €50,000 Monthly Twister Races. Players are automatically registered and the payouts go to their account as soon as the rake race is finished. Top 250 players are paid every week, the 1st place earning €1,000.

Perhaps the most exciting promotion for regular players is the €30,000 Exclusive Monthly Rake Race provided by ItalyPokerDeals. The rake race is split into two parts, taking place every half of a month. The more status points you earn, the more rewards you will get. Top 250 players are paid monthly. The winner gets a massive €1,500, which is equivalent to 10% of the €15,000 Bi-Monthly prize pool.


Betfair Poker Review

Betfair Poker is one of the oldest and most trusted European operators, attracting plenty of recreational players due to its sportsbook business activity, but being part of the rapidly growing iPoker network, which is well known for its large player base of regulars. Betfairs was launched in early 1999, being owned by PPB Entertainment, licensed in Malta by the Maltese Gaming Authority and listed on the London Stock Exchange, which provides a great reputation within the industry. 

In 2016, Betfair merged with another brand, Paddy Power, consolidating its position as the flagship of iPoker network. The site accepts customers from many countries, but due to gambling legislation also has some restrictions from places like the US, Canada, China, France or Germany. 

Betfair allows the usage of poker trackers and offers multi-tabling capacity up to 16 tables, which together with its great traffic makes it very popular among grinders worldwide. This makes it very profitable for professional poker players who put in enough volume and earn solid Betfair poker rakeback and additional rewards through rake races and other Betfair Poker promotions. 

Of course, the downsides are that the games are not that soft within iPoker network, due to the high number of regulars who have infested the environment, while Betfair has disabled some table selection features, affecting bum hunters and those seeking to play against weaker opponents. 

Another disadvantage of the network would be the source based rake method which eats from your actual rake when it comes to distributing cashback to players. However, according to our Betfair Poker review, this shouldn’t affect you directly in any way since you will be paid from weighted contributed rake when you sign up through us. 

Having said this, there are other things to worry about, like for instance the lack of a solid welcome bonus which has been used by regular players as a tool to earn additional rakeback during their first 2-3 months of play and have more incentives to trial and error on a new poker site. Of course, the lack of hidden costs at Betfair, as well as the fast cashouts and no withdrawal fees should also be assessed.



All in all, we consider Betfair Poker a very good option for cash games players seeking for good traffic at most stakes, especially at higher limits, and for those who want to earn solid and stable rakeback without going through the volatile and unreliable source based rake method. Right now, Betfair is the one and only iPoker skins where you can earn rakeback based on the old rake method.

Even though the HUD support and multi-tabling capacity can be used as an argument to opt for Betfair as the main option for grinders within iPoker network, micro stakes players might have better alternatives given the lack of welcome bonuses and the pretty high rake of 6.67% up to NL10. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should ever play with untrusted brands only to increase risk.

Therefore, if you want to play at iPoker, you can maximize your Betfair Poker rakeback by signing up through ItalyPokerDeals, but if you are seeking for softer playing fields with better welcome bonuses and lower rake for micro stakes cash games, based on this Betfair Poker review you would be better off to get in touch with us prior to making any decision where to play at skype ID: italy_pkr.