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PokerMaster Rakeback

Not available



PokerMaster Bonus

Not available

POKERMASTER DEAL - ItalyPokerDeals offer


ItalyPokerDeals is offering safe access to the high stakes fishy private games of PokerMaster. PokerMaster is composed of several clubs, each of them hosting games of Holdem (NLHE), Omaha (PLO), Open Face Chinese Poker (POFC) and Short Deck Poker.

By working with us, you will have access to a large variety of PokerMaster clubs, with NLHE and PLO games up to 1000CNY/2000CNY (€125/€250), which are among the highest stakes in online poker nowadays.

As it's explained in the following sections of our PokerMaster review, since there is no rake charged, withdrawals are subject to a small fee, as some sort of compensation.


Please get in touch with our team, preferably on Skype, in order to discuss your PokerMaster deal and start playing in the biggest Asian Poker network, one of the softest worldwide!





There is no PokerMaster bonus available because this is a play money app.





PokerMaster does not have any VIP system since they are not offering any rakeback or rewards.





There are no PokerMaster promotions offered at the moment.





Because of the clubs structure PokerMaster has and being an underground Asian Poker network, its traffic can't be exactly measured, but it is among the top ranked online poker networks, having more than 200 clubs you can join.

PokerMaster is a very good option for mid and high stakes NLHE and PLO players, this room being one of the few places where you can play onilne high stakes games.


Poker Types in PokerMaster

In PokerMaster you can play the following types of poker:

- Holdem (NLH)

- Omaha (PLO)

- Open Face Chinese Poker (POFC)

- Short Deck


POFC is a Chinese Poker variant, played with 52 cards, where players are initially dealt 5 cards and then receive one card at a time, until each of them has a 13 card hand. The goal is to get more points than the opponents, by winning more rows or by earning royalties, but without fouling.

Short Deck Poker, also known as 6 plus Holdem, is a Texas Holdem variant, played with a shorter deck, cards from 2 to 5 being removed, having the same rules for betting, playing the hand and showdown like in standard Holdem.


Table Types in PokerMaster

Besides the standard tables we are used to, in PokerMaster you can join the following kind of tables:

- Straddle : these 3 blinds tables; for example in a 5/10 straddle, blinds are 5 / 10 / 20 CNY

- Ante : these are tables where antes are charged

- Deep : these are tables where you can sit with larger stacks, up to 400 big blinds


Game Levels in PokerMaster

Traffic and games vary a lot depending on the club. There are clubs where you'll find NLHE or PLO only, but there are others which host tables for all kind of games.

All games are played in Chinese Yuans (CNY).

The lowest stakes offered by PokerMaster are CNY2/CNY4 (€0.25/€0.50) while the highest are CNY1000/CNY2000 (€125/€250). Usually, decent traffic can be found up to CNY100/CNY200 in case of both NLHE and PLO, but, as mentioned before, this depends on the club you are playing in.





PokerMaster Deposit and Withdrawals


PokerMaster games currency is Chinese Yuan (CNY). In December 2018, 1EUR = ~8CNY and 1USD = ~7CNY. The exchange rate used in transfers is the one provided by Xe.com.


Minimum deposit for a PokerMaster account is 10000 CNY which is roughly €1300 or $1500.

Payment methods accepted for PokerMaster are:

- Skrill (EUR and USD)

- Neteller (EUR and USD)

- Cryptocurrencies : BTC (more will be added in the near future).

For depositing you will send the money to one of our ewallets or address and we will credit your account.


For withdrawing, you inform us the amount you want to cash out, we will make the request and when it is processed, you will receive the money in your wallet. Withdrawals are usually processed within a few hours since the moment of request and many times in a matter of minutes.


PokerMaster Accounting - Your Real Money Balance


Since PokerMaster was designed a play money app, it lacks several features that most of the real money poker networks clients or websites offers and one of them is the cashier. PokerMaster does not offer the standard built in cashier feature and the accounting is done by the people who run the clubs and by the agents.

For you, the player, this means you can't see how much money you have in your PokerMaster account, and your current balance is recorded on the daily reports we provide. You can also keep the record as well, by checking the outcomes of your sessions, which are provided by PokerMaster app in the Results section of your account.


PokerMaster Coins and Gems


Though, you will notice that in the "ME" tab of your PokerMaster account, below your Blue Card, there is a section called "Store" which shows the number of Gems 💎 and Coins 💰.


Gems are used for accessing the timebank, which in case of PokerMaster is not free. You need to buy Gems from your agent and you will use a fraction of them each time you want to have more time for your decisions at the tables. Using the timebank several times in the same hand implies higher costs compared to the first use.


Coins have different purposes:


♠ Real Money

- When you seat at a table, you will use a fraction of these coins as buyin, calculated at a rate of 1 coin = 1 CNY; for example, when you seat a table with 10000 CNY, the same amount of coins, 10000, will be deducted from your coins balance.

- When you close the table, an amount of coins equivalent to your CNY balance from the specific table, will be added to your coins balance; for example, if you sit out from a table with 15000 CNY, the same amount of coins, 15000, will be added to your coins balance.


♠ Table Fee

- When you seat at a table, the app charges you an amount of coins equal to 10% of the buyin; for example, when you seat at a 5/10 table with 1000CNY, you will be charged 100CNY as a table fee. This amount will be deducted from your coins balance and will never be returned. This does not influence your real money CNY balance!


♠ Items Purchase and In Game Spendings

- Coins can be used for purchasing items within the PokerMaster app and during the games, you can use your some of your coins for offering gifts or for throwing things at your opponents, at different costs which are specified in the app. This does not influence your real money CNY balance!





PokerMaster does not work like standard poker rooms and they are not charging any rake from the pots.

But, they are charging players 5% of the profits made in each winning session.

- Example: if you joined a table with 10000 CNY and you leave that table with 30000 CNY, you will pay 5% commission on the profits, meaning 1000 CNY, so your net profit will be 19000 CNY.

Losing sessions are not charged.

- Example, if you sit at a table with 10000 CNY and you leave it with 5000 CNY, you won't pay any commission.





PokerMaster is the best known and relatively recently launched Chinese Poker App, marking a new trend in online poker, started in 2017. Asian Poker represents a welcome boost in a poker market which has been in downtrend since 2013, because of the more and more restrictive regulation.

As you probably know, China has restrictions in several areas compared to Europe and America and online poker is one of them, this game being forbidden in this country.

Though, given the increasing appetite of Chinese people for this game, an opportunity arised : using play money apps and assigning the accounting part to the agents, the foundations of a new Asian Poker network have been laid.





PokerMaster Software Features and Particularities


PokerMaster has software features that recreational players look for: you can add friends, purchase items, chat at the tables, offer gifts to other players or throw objects to your opponents at the tables.

PokerMaster offers the badbeat insurance feature, which means that in case of some tables, you can secure your pot investment against a badbeat, when going all in on Flop, Turn or River.

Timebank feature is not free in case of this room. In order to access your timebank you need to acquire Gems from your agent and these will be consumed every time you want some extra time for thinking. The cost of using timebank increases if used several times during the same hand.

In PokerMaster, tables are available for a specific amount of time only, usually between 2 and 6 hours. When this time passes, the table automatically closes.

Games filter is pretty well designed offering various variables you can set: poker and game type (NLHE, PLO, POFC, Short Deck, SNG), blinds (1/2 CNY up to 1k/2k CNY), table type (2-4 players / 5-7 players / 8-9 players), ante, straddle, insurance, table remaining time.


PokerMaster Trackers Support


PokerMaster does not offer built in support for trackers. If you want to use Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker in this room, you need to use a 3rd party hand grabber. Please get in touch with us for details!



PokerMaster Client Versions


PokerMaster was designed as a mobile devices play money application. They are offering app versions for Android and iOS devices (smarphones and tablets).

When you access PokerMaster app from your mobile device you can play 1 table only. It is not possible to play at several tables in the same time.

PokerMaster is not offering a Windows client but you can play in this room from your PC or laptop if you use an emulator (a software which emulates the interface of a mobile device).

The emulator offers the option of launching several instances and this way you will be able to use several PokerMaster or other Asian Poker Apps accounts (each of them logged in from a different emulator instance), so this means you can simultaneously play at several tables.


Installing Emulator and PokerMaster Software


PokerMaster emulator we recommend is LDplayer. Here you can find a short review, installation tutorial and download links for this emulator.


When the emulator installation is finished, please complete the following steps in order to install PokerMaster app. If you need help, please also check the instructions in the pictures from below.


1. Access www.PokerMaster.com and press the Check It Out button or go to Download section from the top menu.

2. Press the Download APK button which will start downloading the PokerMaster APK (Android Package Kit) to your hard drive. (by default, it will be saved in the Downloads folder)

3. When PokerMaster app finished downloading, drag and drop it to the emulator.

4. In a few seconds, the app will be installed and you will be prompted to start using it.


Once you have launched it, you have to swipe left 2 times and press the Enter button which appears on the last screen.

Finally, you will be prompted to insert your PokerMaster account credentials and you can start playing.


♦ PokerMaster Review and Safe Access to High Stakes NLHE & PLO Private Games

Games Currency CNY (Chinese Yuan) 元
Rake Calculation Method No Rake Charged
Rakeback Payment NA
Rakeback Date NA
Bonus NA
Promotions NA
Transactions Via ItalyPokerDeals
Deposit / Withdrawal Methods BTC, Skrill, Neteller
Cashout Duration 1 Day
Trackers Support Hand Grabber Required
Poker Type Game Type Table Type Highest Stakes Offered Daily
Holdem Cash HU 1k/2k CNY 100/200 CNY
6max 1k/2k CNY 100/200 CNY
9max 1k/2k CNY 100/200 CNY
6 Plus 6max Ante 20 Ante 20
PLO Cash HU 1k/2k CNY 100/200 CNY
6max 1k/2k CNY 100/200 CNY
9max NA NA
POFC 3max 50/100 CNY 50/100 CNY