Poker Software



The emulators we use for poker apps are software applications which can be installed on computers (PCs or laptops) and which simulates the interface of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Emulators are used when you want to access a poker app which was designed for mobile devices only (smartphones or tablets) from your computer.



POKER TRACKERS - Tracking and analysis software


Poker tool software which imports and parses the hand histories created by the poker sites or hand grabbers during online play and stores the resulting information statistics about historical play into a local database library for self-analysis, and for in-game opponent analysis using a real-time HUD (Head-up display).

The software allows the user to monitor each poker session's profit or loss, hands played, time played, and table style. It calculates and graphs statistics such as hands per hour, winnings per hand, winnings per hour, cumulative profit and loss, and individual game profit and loss across multiple currencies.





VPN software offers you protection by hiding your identity over the internet. Your IP address can be used to find your location and track you. Today, who you are, what you do online, where you work or live can be easy determined by you IP address. Also most of the websites you visit keep you IP address in order to track and monitor your online activity. By using a VPN solution, your identity is safe behind the IP pool provided by the VPN software and infrastructure.

A VPN or virtual private network works like this: your device will connect to the VPN using a secure and encrypted connection (provided by the VPN software). After this connection is made, you device will receive an IP from the VPN so your identity will be protected. This IP can’t be tracked back to you by an outsider. As long as you are connected through the VPN, an attacker that is sniffing your data will only view encrypted packaged that don’t provide any information for an outsider.






A hand grabber is a software which extracts hand history from the poker tables and converts it to a format that poker tracking software (Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker) can read and process. Hand grabbers have been created for the poker rooms that do not offer trackers support so they do not give access to hand history. Some poker rooms made this decision in order to protect the recreational players by minimizing the edge that regular players have by using such tools.