How to Earn Easy Money with ItalyPokerDeals: Referral Program Unveiled

How to Earn Easy Money with ItalyPokerDeals: Referral Program Unveiled

In the dynamic world of online poker, finding lucrative opportunities to increase one's earnings is always a welcome prospect. ItalyPokerDeals, a prominent online poker affiliation website, offers an enticing referral program that can turn your network into a source of income. By simply referring new players, you can earn 30 EUR for each successful sign-up. However, it's essential to understand the specific conditions for payout, which we'll explore in detail in this article.

The ItalyPokerDeals Referral Program

ItalyPokerDeals understands the value of a strong poker community, and they reward players who help expand it. Through their referral program, you have the chance to earn 30 EUR for every new player you bring on board.

Rent Poker Account:

  • For referrals with rented poker accounts, you'll be eligible for the 30 EUR reward once the referred player has paid the rent fee for at least three consecutive months.

Own Poker Account:

  • In the case of players with their own poker accounts, the account must remain active for a minimum of three consecutive months.
  • Additionally, the referred player must generate a rake of over 100 EUR each month.

Meeting these criteria ensures that you receive your well-deserved reward for your successful referral.

Maximizing Referral Success

  • Targeted Outreach: Identify poker enthusiasts in your network who are likely to be interested in joining ItalyPokerDeals. Tailor your pitch to highlight the benefits of the affiliation website.
  • Clear Communication: Clearly explain the conditions for receiving the referral reward to potential referrals. This transparency builds trust and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Follow-Up: Stay engaged with your referrals. Offer support, answer any questions they might have, and provide them with guidance on how to meet the program's requirements.
  • Leverage Online Communities: Engage with poker forums, social media groups, and other online communities where poker enthusiasts congregate. Share your referral link and provide valuable insights about ItalyPokerDeals.
  • Share Success Stories: If you have personally benefited from ItalyPokerDeals, share your positive experiences with potential referrals. Personal testimonials can be highly persuasive.
  • Provide Resources: Offer resources or information about ItalyPokerDeals that can help potential referrals understand the platform better. This could include articles, videos, or even direct introductions.


ItalyPokerDeals' referral program presents a golden opportunity to turn your passion for poker into a source of income. By bringing new players into the community, you not only enhance the vibrancy of the platform but also earn a generous reward of 30 EUR for each successful referral.

Remember, adherence to the specific conditions outlined by ItalyPokerDeals is key to securing your reward. Whether your referral opts for a rented or owned poker account, ensuring that they meet the stipulated criteria will guarantee that you receive your well-earned payout.

So, don't wait! Start spreading the word about ItalyPokerDeals and watch your earnings grow while contributing to a thriving poker community. Happy referring!