Holdem Heads Up Cash Games In Italian Networks

Why Play in Italian Poker Rooms?

Why Play in Italian Online Poker Rooms?

Table selecting is very important if you want to maximize your winnings. Though, before doing that, you should choose your poker network. Italian poker rooms represent a very good option for Heads Up players, for the following reasons:

  • Italy is a segregated market, therefore the vast majority of your opponents will be from Italy and Italians are very well known for being unexperienced at this game. You will encounter many recreational players and besides that, most of the regulars are weak.
  • Traffic is very good during peak times (European evenings (4 PM GMT to 11 PM GMT) and weekends) and you will find enough action up to €5/€10 games.
  • Poker clients are user friendly and most of them offer trackers support.

Italian Poker Networks and Skins Offered by ItalyPokerDeals

  1. PokerStars.it
  2. People's Poker - MonkeyBet, NewGioco, Betaland, WinToto, GiochiTelematici, PokerYes
  3. iPoker.it - MinnieBet, Snai, GolGol, StanleyBet, FantasyTeam, Eurobet
  4. Bossmedia.it - Lottomatica.it
  5. Bwin.Party.it - Bwin, GiocoDigitale
  6. Hive.it - PlanetWin365.it
  7. 888.it

Italian Poker Networks Holdem Heads-Up Cash Games Traffic Stats

In the table below you can find the average number of Holdem Heads Up cash tables which are open (with a player waiting) or run at different stakes (from €1/€2 up to €5/€10). Traffic was checked during peak times.

Network Specific Details Highest Stakes Daily Action (average number of tables during peak times)
      1/2 2/4 or 2.5/5 3/6 or 3.5/7 5/10
PokerStars.IT Zoom (fast) tables only €5/€10 5 8 8 4
People's Poker 1 HU table only per stake allowed €5/€10 4 6 3 7
iPoker.IT No high stakes HU tables €1/€2 10 NA NA NA
Bossmedia.IT Also known as Lottomatica €5/€10 11 7 12 10
Bwin.Party.IT No high stakes HU tables €1/€2 4 NA NA NA
Hive.IT Also known as PlanetWin365.it €5/€10 6 5 NA 3
888.IT No HU Games NA NA NA NA NA

Italian Poker Networks Overall Rankings and Conclusions

PokerStars.it is the biggest Italian poker network and it is placed around the 10th-11th position in worldwide cash games rankings.

People's Poker comes in the 2nd place of Italian cash games rankings and they have similar traffic like iPoker.it, which is 3rd place in Italy, both networks being ranked around the 20th place worldwide.

In the 4th place comes Lottomatica and even though overall traffic is not huge, they have enough traffic at high stakes Heads Up cash tables.

The last 3 networks (Bwin.it, PW365.it and 888.it) have lower traffic and if you are a player who simultaneously plays more than 4 tables (at the same stakes), you probably won't find enough action if you choose only one of these networks. Though, the games are still very soft, as in all Italian poker networks.

Italy is the first market we promoted when you started our business in 2013, hence the name of our website, and after all these years, we can tell the games from Italian poker networks are still among the softest worldwide.

For more details regarding how you can join these networks, please get in touch with our team on Skype: ITALY_PKR