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BestPoker Rakeback

Up to 100%, with 50% guaranteed

by ItalyPokerDeals


First Deposit Bonus

100% up to $2000, 10% rakeback equivalent,

valid for 90 days

♦ GGNetwork Rakeback Deal and Review

Games Currency USD $
Rakeback Payment Poker Account
Rakeback Date Anytime
Bonus Yes
Promotions Yes
Transactions Direct Cashier
Deposit Methods Skrill, Neteller, Credit Card
Cashout Duration 2-3 Working Days
Trackers Support Not Available
Poker Type Game Type Table Type Highest Stakes Offered Daily
Holdem Cash HU NA NA
6max $100/$200 $5/$10
9max $30/$60 $3/$6
AoF All $50/$100 $5/$10
6max $100/$200 $5/$10
9max NA NA

BESTPOKER RAKEBACK - Up to 100%, with 50% guaranteed by ItalyPokerDeals


BestPoker is offering their customers a level based rewards program where they can unlock cash prizes. The higher levels they reach, they bigger the prizes they get.

According to BestPoker rewards program, the Fish Buffet (click for details), the minimum rakeback is 10% and it can increase up to 100% in some theoretical circumstances. Players must exchange the Player Points earned while playing, in order to receive the cashback to their poker accounts. Player Points can be converted anytime.

Though, the average rakeback percentage the players who generate decent rake volumes automatically receive from the room is about 25% - 35%, according to the data we have from our customers and from the statistics provided by the room.

ItalyPokerDeals guarantees their customers 50% BestPoker rakeback, by adding some extra rakeback in case they do not automatically receive this percentage from GGNetwork rewards (Fish Buffet rakeback, bonuses and other promotions with money prizes). In conclusion, you get a 50% flat GGNetwork rakeback by working with ItalyPokerDeals! If you are not working with us, you only get 10% - 35%.

Please be aware that you must convert all your Fish Buffet Points (FP) to cash bonuses, by the end of each month, in order to be eligible for the BestPoker extra rakeback. If you do not use all your FPs until the last day of each month, you won't receive GGNetwork extra rakeback for your activity, you will only get the BestPoker cashback from the VIP system.





Type : First Deposit Bonus

Value : 100% up to $2000

Rakeback equivalence : 10% rakeback

Release : $1 installments

Validity : 90 days

Activation : make a deposit, then log in the poker client, go to My Bonuses, select “Welcome Bonus” and activate it





Please note that promotions might be changed from time to time. Check the room website in order to see current available BestPoker promotions.


- $111.111 Omaha Chase

- $25.000 Omaha Invitational

- $10.000 Invitational Freeroll

- $100.000 Flush Jackpot Chase





It is well known many recreational players and weak regulars spend their spare time at the tables and this makes GGNet one of the softest in online poker. At most of the tables, one can notice players with random stacks, which is an indicator of the type of opponents you will encounter here.

Heads up games are not available in GGNetwork. They are offering 6max and 9max holdem cash tables and 6max only PLO cash tables. Among those, you can play at 3 blinds and ante tables.

Customers can also play All In Or Fold games in both Holdem and PLO, at 4max tables. This is a pretty new variation of the game, where you only have two options when it's your turn to act: go all in or fold your card, as the name suggests.

Tournament players can choose every day from games with free entry up to $100 buyin and from time to time they can join more expensive events.


Holdem Cash Games:

- the highest stakes offered at cash tables are $100/$200 and they require a minimum buyin of $10000; action at these stakes can be found from time to time only;

- you will find games every day at $5/$10 with a minimum buyin of $200, at $3/$6 with a minimum buyin of $200) and at $2/$4 with a minimum buyin of $100);

- games at $1/$2 (minimum buyin $40) and below can be found anytime;


PLO Cash Games:

- similar to Holdem games, the highest stakes offered at Pot Limit Omaha tables are $100/$200 and but smallest accepted buyin is $5000; action is low at these stakes as well;

- you will find games daily at $5/$10 (lowest buyin $200), $3/$6 (lowest buyin $150) and $2/$4 (lowest buyin $50);

- games at $1/$2 (lowest buyin $20) and below can be found anytime;





Direct cashier is available.

Please be aware that some of the deposit options are not enabled for the players from some specific countries. In order to make sure what deposit and withdrawal options are available for your country, please contact BestPoker support department using LiveChat.

BestPoker is not offering cryptocurrency (BTC and other currencies) deposits and withdrawals for the moment.


BestPoker Deposit Methods and Duration

- ewallets : Skrill & Neteller : instant deposits

- credit cards : VISA & MasterCard : No Fees on Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

- bank transfer : 2-4 working days (depending on the bank)


BestPoker Withdrawal Methods and Duration

- ewallets : Skrill & Neteller : up to 24 hours

- credit cards : VISA & MasterCard : 1-2 working days

- bank transfer : 3-5 working days (depending on the bank)


Please be aware that Skrill and Neteller deposits and withdrawals are disabled for Brazilian accounts.





BestPoker Rake Calculation Method


GGNetwork is using its own rake counting method, named Player Value Index Method. It is based on the Weighted Contributed Method which is adjusted by some variables.

Each player is assigned a Player Value Index (PVI), whose value can vary between 0 and 2. This index is a weighted average of the scores of each games he participates in, as follows:

- Holdem and Omaha scores are established by: CHB Index, Swing Index, Potsize Index.

- All-in or Fold score is established by All-In Index, Jackpot Index, Winloss Index.

- Fortune Spin score is established by: Cookie Index, CHB Index, Ticket Index.

- Tournament score is established by: Overlay Index, Satellite Index, Buyin Index, Skill Index.

This PVI Index is used to allocate rake to players participating in the games offered by GGNetwork. In common language, this translates into allocating a little bit less rake (compared to the Weighted Contributed rake amount) to regular and winning players and some more rake to recreational and gamblers, in order to preserve the ecology of the network.


GGNetwork is also using Weighted Contributed Method for determining the rewards (cashback, cash bonuses) allocated to players, but those rewards will be calculated and paid from PVI rake amount.


BestPoker Rake Charged by Games and Stakes


At Holdem cash games the room charges, on average, between 2.5% and 5% of pot value and rake is capped as you can see in the table below, the caps varying from $1 at $0.05/0.10 tables up to $10 at $25/$50 games.

At PLO cash games rake charged is 3% of pot value, without any cap, at any stake.

GG Network is not charing any rake for the pots which are smaller than 2.5BB (big blinds).



Holdem Stakes Rake Per Pot Rake Percentage Rake Cap (max charge)
$0.05/$0.10 $0.01 for each $0.20 in pot 2.5% - 5% $1.00
$0.10 / $0.20 $0.01 for each $0.20 in pot 2.5% - 5% $2.00
$0.25 / $0.50 $0.05 for each $1.00 in pot 2.5% - 5% $4.00
$0.50/$1.00 $0.10 for each $2.00 in pot 2.5% - 5% $5.00
$1 / $2 $0.20 for each $4.00 in pot 2.5% - 5% $6.00
$2 / $4 $0.40 for each $8.00 in pot 2.5% - 5% $8.00
$5 / $10 $2.00 for each $40.00 in pot 2.5% - 5% $10.00
$25 / $50 5% 5% $10.00
$50 / $100 5% 5% $15.00
$100 / $200 5% 5% $15.00



PLO Stakes Buy-in Rake Percentage Rake Cap (max charge)
$0.05 / $0.10 $1 - $10 3% No Cap
$0.10 / $0.25 $2.50 - $25 3% No Cap
$0.25 / $0.50 $5 - $50 3% No Cap
$0.50 / $1.00 $10 - $100 3% No Cap
$1 / $2 $20 - $200 3% No Cap
$2 / $4 $40 - $400 3% No Cap
$3 / $6 $100 - $1000 3% No Cap
$5 / $10 $200 - $2000 3% No Cap
$25 / $50 $1000 - No Max 3% No Cap





If you need any information about this poker room, do not hesitate to contact ItalyPokerDeals support department.

If you need to get in touch with the room representatives, you can do it via:

- email: [email protected]

- phone: +442036084293 (UK) or +46844686281 (Sweden)

They also have a comprehensive FAQ section, where you can find answers to the general questions you might have.





BestPoker is one of the main skins of Good Game Network (known as GGNetwork), the biggest Asian poker network. Until 2016, it was a member of Ongame Network, but after the closure of Ongame, the room migrated their customers to GGNet.





GGNetwork policy states that using any tracking software when the poker client is running, is strictly forbidden.

If you want to know your rake stats, please get in touch with ItalyPokerDeals support department and we will gladly provide the rake numbers.


BestPoker software is user friendly and it has a lot of features for the recreational players: avatars, 3 boards, straddle, all in insurance.

They are offering desktop clients for Windows and Mac and mobile clients for iOS and Android. So, you can play from your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.





The residents of the following countries are NOT allowed to register: Afghanistan, Algeria , Albania, American Samoa, Angola, Bahrain, Belize, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bonaire Saint Eustatius and Saba, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Curaçao, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Liberia, Latvia, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norfolk Island, Oman, Palestinian Territory Occupied, Philippines, Portugal Rwanda, Romania, Saint Martin (French part), Seychelles, Somalia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Sudan, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen.

Though, some other skins in GGNetwork have a different policy towards the accepted countries, because of the different legislation they must comply to, therefore, players from the countries from above, who are interested in playing and receiving GGNetwork rakeback, should get in touch with ItalyPokerDeals support team for alternative options.

Please be aware that we can re-tag BestPoker accounts in some specific circumstances, so in case you have an account registered with a lower GGNetwork rakeback deal, you should contact us in order to start working with us. Never leave money on the table! ;)





GGNetwork cashback deal, GGNetwork bonuses, GGNet promotions along with GGNetwork extra rakeback offered by ItalyPokerDeals, besides the good traffic up to high stakes tables and the softness of the games are the reasons why this room is one of our customers' top choices.